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Here Are My Favorite Lyrics From Each Song on Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’ Album

On Friday, September 17th, Lil Nas X “gave birth” to his first official album Montero. The musical artist, known to be highly over-the-top when it comes to his music campaigns and his own social media presence, released his first studio album amidst a flurry of pregnancy photos. They featured a prosthetic baby bump and eye-catching billboards advertising “financial compensation” for those who are gay. 

Honestly, I listened to Montero an embarrassing amount of times the day it came out, from early morning to past midnight. Not only has Lil Nas X proven how much of a marketing genius he is, but with his first album, he has shown how much of a lyrical and stylistic genius he can be. He isn’t afraid to transcend different genres of music, nor is he afraid to be genuine and vulnerable. His lyrics detail a dark family history and his struggles with suicide, and the triumphs and trials of fame. In addition, the rapper-singer has grabbed features from major players such as Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus, and Elton John. Proving that Lil Nas X is here to stay — a point he most definitely tries to confirm with the tracks on Montero.

In celebration of Montero’s birth, here are my favorite lyrics/lines from each song on the album! Have a listen!

MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Champagne** and drinkin’ with your friends
You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend
I’m not fazed, only here to sin
If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can


Now they all come around like they been here
When you get this rich and famous everybody comes up to you singing
How’d you do it?
You been on my mind
You been running through it, (Hallelujah)

INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow)

[Jack Harlow]
I don’t clear up rumors (ayy)
Where’s y’all sense of humor? (Ayy)
I’m done makin’ jokes ’cause they got old like baby boomers
Turn my haters to consumers
I make vets feel like they juniors (juniors)
Say your time is comin’ soon but just like Oklahoma (mm)
Mine is comin’ sooner (mm)
I’m just a late bloomer (mm)
I didn’t peak in high school, I’m still out here gettin’ cuter (woo)


I want (I), someone to love me
I need (I), someone who needs me
‘Cause it don’t feel right when it’s late at night
And it’s just me in my dreams
So I want (I), someone to love
That’s what I f****n’ want


(So, not really a song, but an interlude that kind of makes you think.)

I been drivin’ a lot, just drivin’ in life
With no actual direction, not heading towards any specific place
It’s like for who?
Is it for me? Am I happy?

SCOOP (feat. Doja Cat)

I been movin’ work on the daily
Baby, ain’t tryna be your baby
Understand, I’m just tryna be the daily
Scoop, scoop

ONE OF ME (feat. Elton John)

I like this, I don’t like that
Do this here, don’t you do that
Say you one of me, say you one of me, yeah, yeah


I need time to get up, and get off the floor
I need time to realize that I can’t be yours
I need time to give up just like before
I love it how you know I’ll only come right back for more

DOLLA SIGN SLIME (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

[Megan Thee Stallion]
They can’t stop me, say I can’t do it, b***h, watch me
All you lame h**s turn hatin’ to a hobby
D**n, watchin’ me gotta turn you on
I should have my own category in p**n


Oh, sometimes you’re angry
Sometimes you’re hurting
Sometimes you’re all alone
Sometimes I’m anxious
Sometimes it makes me feel like there’s only now


And I’m happy by the way
That I made that jump, that leap of faith
I’m happy that it all worked out for me
Imma make my fans so proud of me (Oh)


See, I’m getting tired of the way I’ve been living
I’d rather die than to live with these feelings
Stuck in this world where there’s so much to prove
Every win gives you more room to lose


If I pop up, I’m a want it, but I get by (Get by)
Tell the devil I can’t have him inside
Tell the reaper he don’t want it, he don’t want it
Oh, I know everything’s gonna be alright


You know I can be your part-time lover
Our scars, they’ll dance with each other

AM I DREAMING (feat. Miley Cyrus)

Oh, never forget me
Like I’m your favorite song
I’m fading
Replaying these thoughts I thought while sinking down
Oh, never forget me
And everything I’ve done

Lyrics courtesy of Genuis.com and AZLyrics.com.

** “Champagne” is the radio edit for this song.

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