Harry Styles' "Falling" Music Video Thoughts

The world stopped for 3 minutes and 56 seconds at 10 AM on Friday when Harry Styles released the highly anticipated music video for his beloved song Falling...well, at least my world stopped. The song is a fan favorite from the rockstar's recent sophomore album, Fine Line. The ballad is slower than his other songs and is a undeniably gorgeous showcase of his singing abilities. Harry's lyrics are beautifully heartbreaking and his raw, real and pure voice match the words perfectly. While Harry keeps his personal life private, he allowed fans space to come inside his head and his heart while going through something distinctly human; a break-up. You can't help but feel your heart break alongside of his when you listen to the words he composes. Sometimes we forget that this Greek god looking goofball is a real person, but this song reminds us that his sweet little heart hurts too. If you haven't watched the music video yet, I give you full permission to stop reading this article and go inform yourself. Then, come on back and see if my friends and I had reacted similarly to you. Here are some honest fan girl thoughts and some super sleuthing details that have been discovered by fans worldwide while watching Harry Styles' breathtaking music video for Falling. This goes to show that no detail is too small for the mysterious heartthrob and no easter egg is left unnoticed by a devoted fandom such as this. 

  1. 1. Can you believe that we get to live in the era of Harry Styles? What a blessing. 

    Other people got to experience the Beatles, Elvis and Frank Sinatra as they were happening. This new era of fangirls get to grow up alongside and watch in real time the success of this rockstar. He keeps setting standards for musical achievements and then breaks them himself. He's creating music that will last and looking ridiculously handsome while doing it. We will have a lot to share with our future daughters as we reminisce on the career of this swoon-worthy dude. And with Hollywood's current obsession, Harry is sure sure to get his own biopic someday. 

  2. 2. Harry was looking smug as he did a little press with his record label on the morning of the video's release. He knows good and well all the emotional mess he was creating, and during school hours no less. 

    Look at this adorable man. We are so grateful for the recent press he's been doing because of all the new Harry content we are receiving. It can feel like you're in a bit of a fangirl drought when he disappears to write his music, but as his "Love On Tour" adventures begin we are in for months worth of new outfits, hair styles, water spitting and all. 

  3. 3. Harry starts the music video in soaking wet clothes and breathing heavy. Does this mean that this is a cycle and it is not the first time the room has flooded with his emotions? Or does the start of the music video start at the end before it's even started? That way, we know he is okay before we have to watch him suffer. That would match the message and theme of his break-up album that ended with a hopeful message of "we'll be alright."

    As usual, Harry leaves us with much to discuss and wonder. Many different theories emerged as a result of the seemingly misplaced clips that means the video is either cyclical or out of chronological order. Either way, we know it's going to end up okay in the end. No matter how many times the room fills with water, it'll wash away and you'll be able to breathe again. That's a pretty good message. 

  4. 4. I guess this is what it looks like when Harry Styles cries underwater? This is altogether too much. 

    So much of Harry's life is unknown, ambigous and left up to interpretation, and that's just the way he likes it. Being a rockstar since he was 16 years old has been undeniably awesome, but the bad always comes with the good. In order to have at least some agency over his personal life, he's created a bit more of mysterious persona than he had during his One Direction days. It only makes sense that his true emotions would be quite literally undectectable as he cries underwater. 

  5. 5. As if we needed more proof that Harry Styles is actual angel. 

    The Gucci outfit, the lighting, and the hair all come together to create one ethereal music video. I think the angelic mood matches because how many times have you looked at a picture of Harry Styles and thought you had died and gone to Heaven?

  6. 6. "Ooof his little sad face at the end. How are you functioning right now?" -Kim Lindsey (my mom)

    My mom isn't like other moms. She's a cool mom. She herself is a dedicated Harry Styles fan who watched the music video live along with the rest of the world and after understanding the whirlwind of feelings I was likely to experience, she texted me to check on my emotional state. She knew that the video was dropping at 10 AM sharp and that my first class of the day began at 10:10 AM. Just 6 1/2 minutes to become a functioning member of society again and she was correct to assume that I was not up for the challenge. 

  7. 7. "Whew, that got me stressed. I did not see him breathe!!!" - Jessica Wenclawiak 

    Like many who watch the video, my roommates were desperate for Harry to come up for air. We all felt a little bit like we were holding our breath alongside him as he stayed submerged underwater for quite some time. Besides the point, we were quite impressed with his ability to keep his eyes open for so long. He must've been great at underwater tea parties and who-can-stay-under-the-longest contests at the pool when he was a kid. 

  8. 8. The ring seen on Harry's pinky finger belonged to his ex, Camille Rowe, who was seen wearing it often during their relationship. Just another heartbreaking detail. 

    Close-up shots of Harry's hands were seen many times throughout the music video, whether he was playing the piano or holding his drink. His iconic H and S rings were accompanied by others that he often incorporates in his stylish outfits, but the inclusion of Camille's ring was a momento of the relationship he mourns and an easter egg that could only be discovered by the most attentive of fans. Never doubt the abilities of a dedicated fangirl, we are the kind of super sleuths that Sherlock would be proud of. 


  9. 9. If you look closely through the window that pours soft light into the room, an image of the Eiffel Tower can be seen in the distance. 

    With this piece of information, we now know that Harry is playing piano in a little Parisian flat. He pours his heart out to the woman he once loved in the place where she was from. At first glance it might seem like his sweet little heart is closed off, but if you look closely, there's a lot he is willing to share.

  10. 10. This behind the scenes look of the music video's set answers some questions about the logisitcs of the magical video. 

    The whole scene is set in the middle of a pool in order to slowly fill the room with water. There must be some sort of pump that takes the water from the pool and out of the piano, pouring over his hands while he plays. I think I speak for myself and probably his mother when I say that I'd like to see the safety equipment that was necessary to set up this suffocating scene. 

  11. 11. Jayne Morgan, the artist who handpainted the delicate golden details onto the piano, shared up close looks at some of the pictures. 

    The nautical theme of this talented artist's creations could parallel the water symbolism throughout the rest of the video. They could've been Harry's own idea, meant to represent the beloved fish in the "Adore You" music video, or left up to the fans interpretation. It just goes to show that every detail is thought out and important. This music video is just as artistic as the lyrics it is meant to represent. 

  12. 12. The piano spoke for Harry and for us as it cried crocodile tears. 

    I think it would be a lie to say that no pianos were harmed in the making of this video. I can't imagine a piano would survive that amount of water gushing through it and emotionally speaking, it seems less than okay. The piano was a beautiful representation of the realistic progression of crying. You can try to hold it in all you want, but once the first few tears stream out, there's know holding back. The floodgates are opened and tears are pouring whether you like it or not. That's a lot for one little piano to communicate, but she did a great job. 

  13. 13. "Lots of Elton John vibes in that one!" -Kim Lindsey 

    Harry has paid many a tribute to Elton John over the years through his larger than life sunglasses and his 2018 Halloween costume based off of the legend's sparkly Dodger's onsie. It seems as though pianos are a new extension of Harry's heart and the use of it as a performative instrument, reveals of new version of his performance style. 

  14. 14. "It was a very simple concept (especially compared to "Adore You") but it works because the song is so beautiful and stripped down anyways." -Katherine Hoovestol

    The visuals of the video match perfectly with his voice and the state of his heart while singing. It's not about a complicated narrative or elaborate dance numbers, but the feeling of loving deeply and having that love come to an end. This is Harry's 3rd music video for a song on his new album "Fine Line" and it's certainly not the last. There has been talk and paparazzi pictures to prove that "Watermelon Sugar" might be the next song on the album to receive a music video, which would likely be a very different vibe. 

  15. 15. "Crying on an Orbit [bus] right now. I don't know what to do with all the feelings I am feeling." -Evan Correa 

    Harry Styles is a man of many talents. He's a triple threat if you forgive him for the many times he's taken a tumble while attempting to dance. He can do it all, but one thing he never fails to do is make his fans go crazy for him. No matter how old you get, what college campus you're on, or what degree you're getting, Styles has a way of transporting you back to those prime tween fangirl years. And that's why we love him so much. You can't out grow loving this man, he just keeps pulling you back again and again. 


This song is just another on Harry's long list of masterpieces and this music video is the exact level of artistry and beauty we expect from him time and time again. He may cause us emotional turmoil in the middle of class or on a crowded university bus, but we love this dude. Thank you for stopping the world for a few moments on a February morning, Harry. If you've been sleeping on Harry Styles...wake up! Just let us adore you, bud.