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“The Good Place” Season Three Finale Recap

In the third season of The Good Place, we were introduced to the concept of Jeremy Bearimy, Donkey Doug, neutral Janets and so much more. With a show that gleefully defies logic, The Good Place has created a world without boundaries to expand their storylines. That means, of course, that this finally was as emotionally distressing as the past two.

Michael, facing what appears to be a nervous breakdown, can’t build up the courage to introduce himself to the new neighborhood residents and Eleanor steps in for him, playing the part of ‘The Architect’. However, the gang soon discovers that the folks sent to them via The Bad Place’s decision are figures from their past, like a journalist who used to make fun of Tahani. They can’t improve these people if they have preconceived hatred for them—but things get more complicated when Chidi’s ex-girlfriend Simone shows up as the next resident to be welcomed to The Good Place.

The Judge (shout-out to Maya Rudolph for always slaying in this role) decides that Simone will stay, but her memories of Chidi will be erased. However, Simone’s arrival still sets Chidi into panic, and he ultimately decides that he needs to be rebooted, aka have his memories cleared, up until the moment he almost died. Chidi fears that if he doesn’t forget Simone, he’ll ruin the whole experiment and him and his friends will be tortured forever. Eleanor refuses at first, but eventually decides that he’s right.

Just when things finally seemed clear for Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship to really grow and last, they are ultimately split by Chidi’s memory loss after Michael treats them to a video showcasing “memories they may have forgotten.” *Cue the tears*

Viewers may have expected the series to end with another plot twist or surprise, but instead ended with a scene between just Janet and Eleanor. Eleanor asks Janet for the answer—why do people do anything? Why do they fall in love when it always ends up hurting? What’s the answer?

Janet tells her that not knowing the answer is what makes being human fun. And, in true Good Place fashion, tells Eleanor that in the words of Jason—“I gotchu, dawg.”

The show has already been renewed for season four, so we can’t wait to see what our favorite group of dead people, demons, and not-girls-not-robots do next.

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