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Big Mouth is back for an extra-horny season three. This smash-hit Netflix show is back to continue the puberty adventures of our favorite seventh grade gang and their hormone monsters. Big Mouth is always one to push the limits when it comes to discussing very taboo and controversial topics dealing with sex and sexual identity. Season three offers a lot for long-time fans and newcomers of Big Mouth (I recommend watching season one and two before jumping into season three). However, here are a few reasons to keep going through changes with Nick, Andrew, Jessi, Missy, and friends.

*spoilers ahead*

New Characters

Big Mouth is always looking for a way to keep things fresh while not losing what the show is about. They add value to their show by bringing in two new characters this season. The first new character is Ali (voiced by Ali Wong of “Always Be My Maybe”). Ali takes no time making an impact on the Big Mouth storyline by coming out as pansexual. Ali brings two important topics to Big Mouth viewers: 1.) Educating viewers about pansexuality and 2.) The over-sexualization of women who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Ali’s character opens viewers to both educate and check themselves to making sure they are not falling into the same close-minded spaces as the seventh graders.

Another new character is Mona. Mona is Missy’s new hormone monstress. Even though Mona comes in at the very end of Big Mouth, she is already stirring things up with Missy. It will be interesting to see how she impacts Missy’s life in the upcoming seasons.

Matthew gets a boyfriend

Matthew has always been out and proud since season one of Big Mouth. However, we finally get to see him have a love interest this season. Matthew gets the entire romantic treatment just like his other peer’s receive. He navigates texting his crush, having his first kiss, and navigating life with a boyfriend. Matthew’s experience is no different than his classmates’ experiences in other seasons. Big Mouth gives Matthew a realistic relationship storyline with Aidan, a character that LGTBQ+ viewers can identify and relate to.   

How To Have An Orgasm

Season three, episode six was the episode to watch. We see Jessi, Connie, and Jessi’s vagina exploring the topic of orgasms. Jessi is scared to give herself an orgasm (as are most girls when they are first starting off). However, this episode is all about doing what makes you feel comfortable when it comes to pleasing yourself. This is a very sex-positive episode and explores the topic of female masturbation that a lot of shows shy away from.

Jay’s Out and Proud

Jay realized at the end of season two that he is bisexual. During half of the season, Jay is coming to terms with his bisexuality. After coming to this realization about his sexuality, he struggles to find the right time to come out to his peers. Once he comes out, Nick and Andrew took it as a joke and say the stereotypical, “Guys can’t be bisexual.” However, Jay gets comfort from an unexpected ally: Ali. Ali feels Jay’s pain and understands what he is going through. At the end of the day, Jay was seeking support from his friends. Luckily, he found that with Ali.

Love Triangle

We end the season with an unexpected love triangle between Missy, Andrew, and Nick. Nick and Missy find an unexpected connection with each other while preparing for the school’s musical. With an electrifying kiss, this leads to Nick and Missy wanting to explore things with each other. However, Andrew feels betrayed due to his previous relationship with Missy. This plays a part in the ultimate fall-out as Andrew doesn’t want to be friends with Nick anymore at the end of the season.

As always, Big Mouth pushes the limit in the topics they decide to talk about in this hit adult animation series. So much that I hope you watch it for yourself to see all the adventures and questions the gang take on. There are plenty of changes in store for us and the gang in season four.

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