Get To The Polls: 5 Reasons You Need to Vote November 6th

Although the last day for early voting was Nov. 2, there is still a chance to vote on election day, Nov. 6. This election is very critical in Georgia as well as in other states with midterm elections this year. Many statistics show that young adults, especially students in college, are not likely to vote. Many do vote, but there are a lot of students who are choosing not to vote this year. If you are on the fence about voting, check out these five reasons why you should go to the polls this election day!

Reason 1: It Is Not That Hard to Cast a Ballot

Many college students will sit and binge watch Netflix for hours upon hours, but won’t take time to go cast a vote. Filling out the ballot can take less than 5 minutes if you look at the ballot ahead of time. Even if you read everything for the first time at the ballot you probably won’t need to be there for more than 10 minutes. Although most of the time will be spent in line since the deadline for early voting has passed, it will all be worth it because your vote can help change or maintain the political landscape of your county, state and country.

Reason 2: Your Vote Actually Does Count

Maybe one vote doesn’t tip the scales by much but when every college student has the same idea then there can be a catastrophic effect. Whether or not you vote, the laws, taxes and elected officials can still affect your life. You never know, the race could be so close that the winner only won by a handful of votes. A two-year term might not sound extensive, but if that person is someone you do not like then it can feel like a lifetime. That could have been stopped if you voted. Your vote may not mean that you will get the person elected that you want, but you can’t complain about someone elected if you chose not to vote.

Reason 3: Voting Was Not Always Available For Everyone

Whether your male ancestors could always vote or had to fight for suffrage due to racial differences, women regardless of ethnicity and race were not able to vote until recently in history. Not voting is like a dishonor to your ancestors. Why would women fight for suffrage if it was not important? Why would ethnic groups fight for suffrage and die for suffrage if it was not important? Why would people go out of their way to prevent others from voting? There is power in voting and having a say in what happens in this country. Yes, it is a right, but it is also a responsibility. Because we have always been able to do it, we don’t see the big fuss much like we don’t understand why people fight for education because we have always had the privilege. In a critical election like this, we owe it to all of the people who fought for the right to vote.

Reason 4: This Is Our Chance to Change What We Don’t Like

Many people complain about tax increases, corrupt politicians and everything in between. One thing great about living in a democratic country is that you have a chance to change things you do not agree with. Change does not come from sitting around and complaining about it. A lot of people are in office because the people who care vote to keep them there, and the people who don’t agree don't vote and just talk about how they don’t agree. Voting does not take anything away from you and it’s at no cost to you. At least when something good happens you can say you helped make it happen.

Reason 5: Change People’s Perceptions of Young People

When I went in to vote, I was the only person there that was younger than 21. All of the older people stared and were surprised that a young adult who is eligible to vote actually voted. That’s kind of sad that they did not expect people in college to vote. It isn’t because someone was suppressing us and keeping us from the polls, many young adults made the conscious choice to not go to the polls. Not voting is a statement in itself that we don’t care about what happens. We may say that both options are unfavorable, but there are also write-ins and third-party candidates. Change the perspective people have of young students. Laws and politicians affect us just like they affect older people. We deserve to vote just like they do, why not go out and do it?

Nov. 6 is the last day to vote. It is the last day to change history. There is no reason not to vote, but there are a million reasons to vote. Get out to the polls, it is not that hard. Just vote!