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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

After all of the challenges of 2020, I chose “joy” as my word of 2021. I challenged myself to continuously focus on joy and write down one thing that I found joy in each day. I wrote about things that I found joy in during the month of January, and I decided to document my 2021 with a monthly article to highlight the things that brought me joy each month. Here is what brought me joy in February. 

Car Rides

This month I learned about how the weather can really dictate my mood—the sunny days we had broguht me so much joy! Riding around playing my favorite music as loud as possible with the top off of my car creates immaculate vibes!

Home Visits

In January, I wrote about how my family brought me joy, and they continued to do so in February! Taking time to come home and spend time with family brought me joy.

Mr. Simpson

As an education major, I spend a lot of time observing and helping out in many classrooms. This month, I found myself in a classroom with a teacher that brought me so much joy because I could just feel his passion and care for his students, even through Zoom. 

Friend Dates

Many different friends brought me joy in February, which is truly no surprise after I learned how much I love spending time with people in January.

Here’s to finding joy in March!

Kenzie is an education major.