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If your schedule is looking like mine, it includes hours of online meetings each day. From classes to organization meetings, attending hours upon hours of meetings online can be exhausting and draining. I have done some research about some ways to help prevent what many are calling "Zoom fatigue," and I'm happy to share some helpful tips that I am integrating into my schedule!

Schedule in break times.

Because we may not have as many in-person classes, it's so easy to just stay in the same spot the entire day. I have started scheduling breaks (even as little as 15 minutes) into my planner. During these breaks, I don't let myself look at a screen!

Turn off your camera.

Many of my professors require me to have my camera on in class—this can be stressful because it may feel like we have to be "on" or are being watched. Ask your professors if you can turn off your cameras for breaks during lectures!

Stand up in your calls!

One of my professors makes us stand up for class—this helps me refocus and gives me a chance to get up from my same seat!

Schedule time outside!

Again, less in-person class means less walking around campus. I have been scheduling walks with my friends to help me spend some time getting fresh air!

Avoid multitasking!

Being on a Zoom call is enough of a cognitive load—try to avoid multitasking to help keep your focus.

It is an interesting time right now, so remember to take care of yourself!

Kenzie is an education major.
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