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Finals Week As Told By Damon Salvatore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Finals week is stressful for everyone, but Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries speaks for us all.

When your teacher asks you if you’re ready to take the exam

When you realize that you postponed studying for too long

When you hear other students talking about how worried they are for finals

When you get asked what you did over the weekend when you should have been studying


When you see the effects that finals week has on some people

When your teacher summarizes the test material to prepare you

When you hear someone saying they think that they failed the final

When you hand your teacher your final exam

When you walk out of your class for the last time

When your friends ask you why you didn’t study

When your teacher acts nice on the last day of class

When you spend all day complaining about finals but then you hear someone else start complaining

When you get your grade back and it’s not what you expected

When someone tells you that you would have done better if you spent more time studying

Gabby Melfi is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UGA. She has been a member of Her Campus since her first semester in college. She is an Advertising major and Sociology minor. Her quirks include, but are not limited to: height under five feet, avid DVD collector, fast-food lover, cuddles animals she's allergic to, and obsessive thrift shopping.