A Farewell To Fiona Gallagher

With the return of the 9th season of the show Shameless this fall, expectations were already open to any antics that the Gallagher clan could get into. However, long-term fans were not expecting the recent farewell from fan favorite Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher) at the beginning of last month. After 9 seasons with over a hundred episodes of this American reboot show, it actually isn’t that surprising that Rossum is moving on.

In 2016, she took part in a long-term renegotiation with producers to up her pay, along with recompense for multiple years of her receiving less than her costar, William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher). Already seen as a well-established star, Macy was able to negotiate a higher end than his costars. However, it took Rossum a grueling standoff against producers to be able to try to get herself the same, if not better, salary as Macy.

As an actress already well known for her leading roles in box office hits, the Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow, it was a well-backed fight for female pay equity. As a central character to this American reboot of Shameless, Rossum helped the previously canceled show soar and elevated the American Fiona into a strong, driven woman that did the utmost to support her family, much unlike the British version that had a much less consistent screen time.

However, despite the rocky history between Rossum and Showtime producers, her parting words held nothing but compassion and affection for the family that she had developed over the course of the show. In her Facebook post, she revered the "continuity that the show had given [her]" . The family that had made its way into so many home televisions had made its impact on her as well.

With these good sentiments continuing after her departure, there is still a hopeful future for the show. However, fingers will be crossed that no one else leaves, and that this upcoming season is only slightly less stressful than the last.