End of the Semester Hectic Feels As Told by 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

Amidst all of the parties, big events, and cram sessions for your last tests, it's hard to believe that there is only one week left of classes. Despite the fact that the Fall semester seemed to last an entire year in itself, the second semester of school always vamps up with a myriad of events that seem to take up every second of your time. Here is the hectic nature of the dwindling weeks of the semester, as told by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

1. Looking at your daunting to-do list.

As the semester nears its closing, teachers begin to pile on copious amounts of assignments regardless of their knowledge that just about every other teacher is doing the same exact thing, leading you to face the great beast all on your own.

2. Hoping that somehow you can wish your grades into improvement

When there are so few assignments left and your grade is teetering on the cusp of two very different letters, the most you feel like you can do is to just hope for the best that your teacher may round up or drop an assignment in your favor.

3. The FOMO during grind time

Even though the library may have become your new permanent residence, you can't help but feel hurt when your friends opt-out of inviting you to parties due to your constant studying—you want to (but probably shouldn't) try to do both and multi-task!

4. When your friends see your exam freakouts

When you forget to turn in an assignment or your laptop crashes in the middle of studying, your friends will always be there to attempt to comfort you because chances are, they're suffering through the same stuff.

5. But your friends can also pick your nerves much more easily...

Despite the fact that your friends at this time are probably your best allies, when you're in the period of such distress you can accidentally become much more snappy at them if they hit your last nerve at the wrong time.

6. But they will still be there for you when it counts

But in the end, your friends will be the ones there helping you try to de-stress before those big tests and to unwind after you finished them—and you for them.

7. And when the weekend comes (even just for a little while) you'll have peace

When the last few weekends of the semester come around, they are a saving grace from the stress to take some time to sleep in and get some good last few moments with your school friends before you part for the summer.

With all of the hectic activity that occurs during the end of the semester, it is a mishmash of the happiest moments of final memories with friends and also the deepest pits of stress with all the impending deadlines. Don't get too witchy this finals season, and good luck!