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Donald Trump’s Secret Emails: We’re Not Talking About It

Last week, it was revealed by news sources that Donald Trump has held a secret email server with sensitive legal information and to communicate with Russian banks.

The story broke last Monday, but has been developing throughout the week. This comes at a time that Hillary Clinton’s emails are the topic of most conversation and the FBI reopened and closed case on the subject, again finding her not guilty. Clinton’s emails have been in question, as far as to say what is found shouldn’t make her eligible for presidency. Trump’s emails have not been as pertinent in the mainstream media.

The emails were found through the same manner as the Clinton emails, through email hacking done by WikiLeaks. It was intended to find whether or not the DNC primary was rigged in Clinton’s favor as opposed to Bernie Sanders. The anonymous group has released almost one million emails regarding this election up to this date.

Trump’s emails were mostly of the legal matter, but also discussed his treatment of minorities living under and working for him. As with Clinton, even though there was no formal investigation done by the FBI, the matter is extremely serious.

On Twitter and through NewsWeek there has been discussion as to how seriously the public and government officials should take the news regarding its source and subject.

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