Comparing Netflix's "Big Mouth" and "Sex Education"

*spoilers ahead*

In 2018 Netflix released the wonderfully funny, animated show called Big Mouth—created by Nick Kroll. Kroll, along with comedians such as John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Jenny Slate and others, voice these kids in middle school who are experiencing the wonderful period (pun intended) in our lives known as puberty. This show is geared towards an adult audience but it is honestly the show I wish was out when I was going through that awkward time. The show is so hilarious but it is also very relatable!

In Jan. 2019 Netflix rolled out the British TV show known as Sex Education, which deals with the later stages of our teenage years in a serious but still amusing manner that deals with sex (a lot of it), homosexuality, economic status, family life, young love and our bodies in general. In eight episodes the characters have gone through so much and I’m honestly counting down the days until season two, even though the release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Since both of these shows talk about our crazy teenage years, let's compare the two and see which has done a better job.

Topic 1: Sex

Big Mouth is all about sex and most of it is done in a funny way, but bordering dark humor. For a cartoon, it is pretty explicit, but there is one episode that is so informative as it is all about contraception and the different forms of it. I definitely learned a lot.

Sex Education, on the other hand, did not have any weird portrayals. All of it was either funny, informational or both! Otis is truly the sexpert even though he has no personal experience, but you can’t help but listen to what he has to say. Don’t we all wish we had someone like him to help us with all of our problems?

Topic 2: Homosexuality

In terms of homosexuality on Big Mouth, I say that it’s making a joke out of the struggles that people have to go through day to day. Many people will go through a time where they question their sexuality, but from my point of view this show missed the mark in trying to relate to the LGBTQ+ community.

Sex Education deals with a gay storyline in the BEST way. The ups, the downs, the torment, the fight for acceptance and the confusion was all shown in these eight episodes. It's hard not to put yourself in Eric’s shoes throughout the first season. I can’t wait for season two to see how Eric and Adam’s storyline plays out!

Topic 3: Family Life

I think Big Mouth does a pretty good job dealing with all types of family dynamics, since every teenager has their own family dramas. The characters are dealing with these problems on top of their bodies changing in ways they don’t understand.

Sex Education shows that growing up just comes with even more problems. Each teenager has their own family issues. Sometimes it’s funny but overall it’s really relatable. Overbearing parents, judgemental parents, supportive parents or absent parents—it’s all there. You definitely will be able to find a situation you relate to.

There’s plenty of wonderful moments in Big Mouth and Sex Education! If you are looking for some adult humor that you can relate to, then definitely check out Big Mouth. If you are looking for a funny but more serious depiction of our teenage years, watch some Sex Education. New seasons of both are coming soon!