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Campus Safety: A Survey

College is for real, guys. It’s not like in the movies where everything is pretty okay-people get along relatively well, and they all conveniently study together in the quad while the troubles of mainstream society are barred from entering campus.

In reality, the dangers of any normal society are just as prevalent on campus; however, most of us are unaware when a crime occurs within the parameters of our university.

In light of the two reported rapes (1, 2) on campus in October, we felt attention to this issue was due.

So, here’s our question:

Do you feel that UGA should inform its students and staff when an incident such as a robbery, assault, or rape takes place near or on campus?

Here’s the response of twenty-two randomly selected students, half of whom are male and half of whom are female, and three staff members.

We don’t want to believe that these atrocities can take place on our campus-in our home away from home-but they do, which is why it is imperative for the students and staff of any college campus to be notified of any suspicious or malicious activity that occurs near or on campus, so as to keep its inhabitants knowledgeable and cautious so they can take precautions to ensure their own safety and possibly even someone else’s. 


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