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Brittany Couch : UGA Red Hotz

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

Welcome back collegiettes! As a kick-off to this great new semester ahead of us, it’s time that we welcome our first campus celebrity of the year, Brittany Couch.

Brittany is a second-year Mass Media Arts major from Warner Robins, GA. Catching a glimpse of this celebrity’s face around campus may be a little hard since, from the moment she wakes up to the minute she lays her head to sleep at night, this collegiette is always on the go. When she’s not burying  her face in her Italian notes, Brittany can usually be found anywhere that there’s music. With a love for dance and the legs to prove it, Brittany hopes to, someday, dance her way to the main stages of Broadway.

As a member of the university’s only competitive dance team, the UGA Red Hotz, Brittany spends a lot of time performing at community events sponsored by organizations at UGA and all around Athens such as DanceAthens dance festival, StarSystems Dance Competition, and the UGA Homecoming Parade. But, while the dance team mostly stays local, Brittany and the Red Hotz also get the opportunity of represent the University of Georgia every year at the NDA College Nationals in Daytona, FL.

Brittany is also a member of the popular student organization, Pamoja Dance Company. And as if she’s not already busy enough, she just recently became a member of the DanceFX Concert Dance Company, a company based at DanceFX Dance Studio located in downtown Athens.

“I just like challenging myself. I know it’s hard to be involved in all of these different things but sometimes it’s really fun having something to do ALL the time,” Couch says. “But I do try hard not to spread myself too thin.”

Back home in Warner Robins, Brittany is a key member of Breaking Walls Dance Company at Peacock Performing Arts Centre. She gets the liberty of handling tasks such as teaching the younger children technique and assisting veteran dance teachers with their own classes.

Though she has a ton of activities on her plate, Brittany still manages to stay focused on school and her education.

“I know I’m really busy, but I also know what’s important,” she affirms.

Hopefully, when she’s not on the move, we here at HerCampus get to see this darling dancer in action someday and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in the future!


Danielle is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in English and minoring in Sociology. You can usually find her dividing her time between being Campus Correspondent of Her Campus UGA, binge-watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and daydreaming about being one of Beyonce's backup dancers. If you want to know more about Danielle, you can follow her on Instagram (@danielleknecole_) or Twitter (@DanielleKnecole).
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