The Best Face Wipes Are From a Brand You’ve Never Heard Of

This story begins where all good stories begin: in the beauty aisle at Target. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, just browsing, when I came across the multitude of face wipes offered. I’ve tried a few different brands of face wipes, but I’ve never loved any of them to make a repeat purchase. In theory, face wipes are an easy way to take off your makeup and cleanse your face in one step, but in practice they felt abrasive and left a weird residue on my face. After using them, I’d want to wash my face with my regular cleanser, which kind of defeated the point.



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All that being said, I decided to continue walking. I ended up at the “natural” beauty section (though, to be fair, Target has recently integrated this more into their regular beauty aisles). I saw a brand, Dickinson’s Witch Hazel, that caught my eye right away from their bright yellow packaging. I knew that witch hazel was a natural skincare product that had been recommended to me before, so I looked more into their products and really liked what I saw. They have toner, astringent, face mist, eye gel, and all sorts of other products that all feature witch hazel prominently. They don’t have a traditional liquid cleanser, however, only Refreshingly Clean Daily Cleansing Cloths. I figured I’d give them a go, since they weren’t too expensive and I liked the idea of a more natural face wipe.

I tested them out that night and was really impressed — the wipe didn’t feel harsh on my skin or overly drying. It also smelled really good (without the use of artificial fragrances) and didn’t leave a residue, so it was immediately better than other wipes that I’d tried in the past. Since I wash my face in the shower, I used these wipes on days when I didn’t have time to shower or when I had been sweating a lot and wanted a quick refresher. These were also great to travel with, since it meant having one less liquid in my bag to worry about spilling. With 25 wipes in the package, these lasted a good while and I didn’t hesitate to restock when I eventually ran out. Next time you’re at Target, Walgreens, or shopping online at Amazon, check out Dickinson’s Witch Hazel skincare products — you won’t be disappointed!