Being a Busy Girl in College As Told By Olivia Pope

It's September. Classes and organizations are starting to pick up. The weather is getting chillier. It's the perfect time to take it easy. However, if you're a busy girl, you really don't have time to take it easy. Your busy season started in August but really started to pick-up in September. You get stressed easily from looking at your day planner. Olivia Pope is here to help! Olivia Pope totally gets what it's like to be a busy girl. I mean, how else did she get to be DC's Top Crisis Management Specialist?

Here are some moments that busy college girls (and Olivia Pope) can relate to.

Checking off everything on your to-do list for the day

Remembering you have 5 assignments, 2 meetings to go to, and a percentage night to plan

When a teacher decides to postpone an assignment allowing you time to do other tasks 

Running away from all your tasks and deadlines 

When you made plans with your friends and are praying that they will cancel so you can catch up on your sleep

When you're peacefully asleep and then remember you forgot to do something that is due 

When you are literally seconds away from a nervous breakdown or anxiety attack from all the stress 

But you collect yourself and remind yourself who you are 

When you're all done, you reward yourself and prepare for the next day/week

Here's to all the busy girls out there! We got this!