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Back to School Struggles


I don’t know about you, but apparently I have been daydreaming through the first three weeks of classes. Yes, you heard me right. Three weeks have passed since we first reunited with our besties in the halls of the SLC. Left and right girls were squealing like 12-year-olds at a Justin Bieber concert.
No shame. We were all doing it. But of course after you did that mini catch-up-session in the hall and said your promises to get dinner later, you scurried on to class. It was syllabus week so everything would be smooth sailing, right? You walk into class with the utmost optimistic hopes. As you scan the crowd hopelessly and see no one, your heart slowly begins to crumble.
Fantastic. You’re now sitting alone. The professor walks in and you instantly remember why you signed up for this random intro class in the first place. That’s right, Professor McDreamy earned chili pepper status on ratemyprofessor.com.
Your hopes are slightly heightened and then the dreaded syllabus appears on your poor excuse for a desktop. Summer is officially over and your life is once again plagued by the reality of exams.

Don’t even get me started on group projects.

At the end of the day, you can’t complain too much. These are the best four or five years of your life. Take it away, Ferris.
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