August in College as Told by "Queer Eye"

Summer ends and August comes before you know it. One week you're laying in bed binge-watching Netflix, and the next you're immediately thrown back into the daily grind. In college, August is a month like no other. It's full of excitement, friendship, and stress. We have a love-hate relationship with it, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. Here are 11 relatable August things explained by Queer Eye on Netflix.

1. Walking everywhere in the heat

Even though we're all dressed for the weather, nothing can prepare us for the heat and humidity that hits us all as soon as we walk out the door. By the time we get to class, we're all sweating. For those of us who have fifteen minutes to get across campus and can't catch one of those crowded buses, it's even worse. We all dream of the day when it's cold out, but when they finally arrive, we're wishing for the heat again. 

2. When you see all your friends again

It's a happy reunion when we see all of our old friends after being apart for the summer. It's amazing to catch up with everyone and share what we did over the summer. School suddenly doesn't seem that bad when we have our friends at our side. 

3. Cuffing season begins

The boy you never gave two seconds to last semester is suddenly looking pretty cute in your eyes. Next thing you know he's asking you to hang out and the rest is history. Consider yourself cuffed. 

4. When you go out every night and are thriving

School starts and you foolishly think that you can go out every night and still manage to do well in all your classes. Little did you know, things are about to get intense in more ways than one. 

5. When you finally start to meet your squad

When you start going to classes for subjects that you actually like, you make friends with similar interests. Pretty soon you work through group projects with them and they slowly become your squad. The rest is history. 

6. When the stress of college finally hits

One second, you're going to classes without ever doing the homework. The next, you accidentally missed twenty assignments and are struggling to bring your grade back up. You suddenly realize that college requires actual work. 

7. When your classes go from 0 to 100 in one day

Somehow, you're behind even though you've attended every class and done all the homework. You aren't sure how it happened, but for some reason, you have to spend hours trying to catch up. 

8. When you slowly give up on eating healthy

When school starts, we all have these grand ideas of eating healthy and all the new recipes we're going to try. Before we know it, we're eating frozen dinners if we're even lucky to eat at all. 

9.  When your food runs out and the bills roll in 

All the money we earned over the summer is burned so quickly we don't know what happened to it. Soon, we're begging our parents to send some funds our way.

10. When you slowly forget what real clothes are like

The first day of school comes and goes along with our will to dress cute. Once we all discover how much walking and sweating we do, we go for comfort over cuteness. 

11. When you realize you're making it

The semester slowly marches on and we learn how to balance all of our responsibilities while managing to have a social life. 

August is a month full of exciting events and learning opportunities as we all get to know our classes. Before we know it, we all get used to the daily grind.