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Another One: How We Survived Spring Break With Our HC Survival Kit

With the arrival of Spring Break, came the arrival of our HC Survival Kit! As the flowers bloomed, the weather warmed, and the beach started calling our name we made sure to send our fellow collegiettes out in style, thanks to the survival kit goodies!

One of the gifts included in our kit was the Brappz Strap, an alternative to the bra strap, that has made slipping into that swimsuit and dress so much simpler. This accessory comes with a two detachable hook to adjust the length.

Our fellow collegiettes also fell in love with the Vera Bradley wallets! With its slick design and easy access for our UGA ID, it holds all the essentials that a girl would need for any road trip.

And there are more giveaways still to come from our HC Survival Kit including brands such as Milani, AZO, TRESemme, and Circle Pay! Thank you to all the sponsors and thank you Her Campus! 

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