Alabama & Georgia: Undefeated in the SEC

We are four weeks into the college football season, and only two SEC teams stand undefeated. The University of Alabama and the University of Georgia’s HerCampus chapters have partnered up to discuss how this football season has felt overall, and what they’re excited about in the coming games.

How long has it been since your team went 4-0 to start off the season?

UA: Alabama actually went 4-0 last season, so 2016. It was the first time we started off 4-0 since the 2014 season, which was very exciting for us. 

UGA: Georgia went 4-0 during the 2015 season! Last season, we were 3-0 before a defeat by Ole Miss.

What has the atmosphere been like at games this season?

UA: Gameday's in Tuscaloosa are always a lot of fun, but the atmosphere this season is more electric than usual. It kind of feels like the first time you go to Disney World. Everything is bright, new, and busy. You’re overwhelmed by everything in the best way! 

UGA: Similar to Alabama, game days in Athens are sure to be a good time. However, this year we have been lucky enough to have night games. This is a blessing after all the hot, hot, hot afternoon games of last year. It’s super cool to get the watch the latter parts of the game under the stadium lights instead of in the bright sun. Plus, we’ve started a tradition of everyone holding up their phone lights at the start of the fourth quarter that is visually very cool and creates a very unique atmosphere. 

What have been the biggest surprises of the season?

UA: We were extremely surprised at the outcome of the FSU game. Coming off that national championship loss, we had mixed feelings about how the season opener would go. Both Alabama and FSU have great teams with powerful defenses. We knew it was going to be a slugfest for sure. However, we were shocked with the second half, as Alabama was able to come through and outscore FSU. We were really happy with the outcome of course, but it was definitely a stressful game!

UGA: First of all, how many UGA fans showed up the Notre Dame game! The crowd was more red than green, and the away team showing up with SO much spirit was incredible to see. Jacob Eason being injured and freshman Jake Fromm stepping up as quarterback has been very interesting. Fromm is basically our starting quarterback now. 

What are you most looking forward to about the rest of the season?

UA: We’re looking forward to some of our upcoming games. We are in the middle of SEC conference play now, so long-running rivalries and traditions are going to create some interesting outcomes in the upcoming weeks. We have Ole Miss this week, followed by Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Tennessee. It’s going to be a challenge for sure, but that’s what makes it exciting!

UGA: We have two away games in a row coming up at Tennessee and Vanderbilt, and we’re all hoping the boys keep up the energy they’ve shown in the last four games. After that, we’ve got games against Missouri and Florida. Our rivalries certainly haven’t died down, so that should make for entertaining games. Our quarterback situation will be interesting to watch as well! 

From HerCampus UGA, all that's left to say is Go Dawgs!