9 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Game

In the new age of social media, Instagram has become increasingly popular among young adults. Yet, it has become increasingly difficult to please followers when stuck on the same campus every week. Here are a few ways to step up your Instagram game to keep your followers on their toes!

1. Planoly

Planoly is a great app that allows you to plan your Instagram feed without committing to that one post that you’ve been on the fence about. Simply link your Instagram and upload several pictures. This app allows you to rearrange your photos in the order you plan to post them, which is perfect for those who love a good aesthetic!

2. VSCO Cam

I know you’ve heard of this already, but it’s your best bet with free pre-set filters. However, don’t just tap the filter and post. Toy around with the temperature of the photo, the orientation, etc. Not every photo follows the same manipulation. Warm-temperatured photos are really in at the moment! 

3. Cherish the Candids

Candids are very, very underrated. Yes, the orthodox smile and prop of your hip may work well for your Insta followers, but try spicing up your poses a bit! Fake laugh and take a burst of photos, listen to music while having an impromptu photo shoot with friends... anything to bring personality and energy to your photos!

4. Posed to Perfection

A complete contradiction to my previous points. Invest in good lighting and a camera that captures the depth of the photo (iPhone+ will work!). Subtle differences will affect whether your followers press that heart or not.

5. Golden Hour

We live on a beautiful campus. Take advantage of Golden hour. Download “The Golden Hour” app if you’re really committed.

6. Elevate Your Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies can be a hit, BUT you got to hit everything, since the mirror practically reflects everything. Play around with the angle of your elbows, your legs, even the way you hold your phone.

7. Bio, Bio, Bio!

It may not seem like it, but a bio can make or break your Instagram profile. It can be the difference as to whether someone clicks that follow button or not. Make one that is short, yet catchy. Quotes are good to work with, and even putting in your graduation year will work as well. Let your photos speak about your accomplishments, not the limited characters in your bio!

8. Fix that Profile Picture

Unless it’s a stellar selfie, stick to photos that people take of you. Selfies are typically taken from a certain angle that can make the Instagram profile seem monotonous. Usually the only successful selfies are those of make-up artists, since they are showcasing their art.

9. Timing is Key!

Take into account the time of the day! YES I know that your sorority social lasted until 2 in the morning. Leave to post until the afternoon the following day. Try switching to a business profile to determine when your followers are more active and which posts get the most likes to maximize the quality pictures that you post on your profile!

With all of these tips, your Instagram will be looking flawless in no time.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]