9 Tips to Make It Through Finals Week

You come back to campus with a stomach full of grandma’s mashed potatoes, only to be slapped in the face with reality—finals. The second worst F word. Probably the most dreaded time of the year that happens right before the most wonderful time of the year. Despite putting in paramount effort throughout the semester, college chooses to give you this early Christmas gift that leaves tears and coffee stains splattering that textbook you took out a loan for. In order to soften the blow of the punch that this school gives you, here are a few tips to get through finals week.

1. Plan study groups beforehand

Study groups are a great way to bridge the gaps of your knowledge, but come prepared! Coming prepared to a study group allows more time for actual studying and limits the amount of socializing that goes on in the study room. If necessary, have everyone place their phones in the middle of the table to limit distractions and maximize efficiency!

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2. Study schedules! 

A life saver. Skim over the chapters of the course and allocate certain days that you will dedicate to those chapters, putting the most difficult or oldest materials first. This way, you won’t be wasting time studying on material that you’re already comfortable with.

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3. Hit the gym

 Don’t spend the last two weeks of the semester holed up in the library! Going to the gym is proven to stimulate the brain by releasing endorphins, all the while providing a nice change of scenery! If anything, bring some study guides and hop on an elliptical.

4. Take those earbuds out!

Earbuds make it more tempting to open your Spotify app and blast upbeat music, causing you to get distracted and lose study time. Don’t risk getting lost on Netflix or YouTube when you should be working for a good grade on the final!

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5. Office hours

Pretty self-explanatory. Most professors are aware of the stress that students go through during this time, so they try to make themselves more available to help their students better understand the material. Take advantage of this!

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6. Find online practice tests

The study guides given in class and the notes you have taken may be great, but go the extra mile and look for difficult online tests! Though they may not be the exact questions asked on the test, being exposed to the material asked in different ways can help prepare you for anything.

7. Find a new place to study

Whether it be your dorm or the dining halls, don’t sit in the exact same building every time you study. Once you’re done with finals, you’ll associate that building with negative thoughts and never want to step foot into there again. Try sitting outside or even sitting in a different area to keep yourself wide awake and concentrated.

8. Don’t read through the whole textbook

I know you may want to soak in every detail because of the chance it may be on the test, but don’t do it. Focus on the key points that the textbook states in the beginning or go through the review questions at the end of every chapter to focus on the material that you don’t know.

9. Treat yourself!

Take a break. Finals week is hell week x10. Buy those new shoes you’ve been waiting to get and celebrate your early Christmas! Because let’s face it: the best present is the end of finals!

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Good luck on your exams, gals! You’ll rock this.