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It’s finally fall time! Though it may not feel like it outside yet, it is now officially October, which for me means fall is in full swing. The start of fall for me means breaking out all my sweaters and boots, ordering my drinks hot instead of iced, and switching out my nail polish collection for fun fall shades. As someone who always has a fresh set on her nails, I am super excited to try out new colors and trends this fall, and I want to share some of what I can’t wait to try out with you!

Shades of Orange

The long acrylics! The matte finish! The orange shades! 

Muted Greens

Green is also such a pretty fall color – think more muted shades like army green or forest green.

Fun Nail Art

Fun nail art is always in! For fall, we’ll see more leaves and pumpkins.

Multicolored Cuteness 

This multicolored trend from summer will continue into fall.

Dark Reds

I love this set! The deep red with the accent nail is a beautiful combination!

Glitter Accents

Gold glitters combine perfectly with fall colors.


Nude ombre will continue to be a trend!

Accent Nails

An accent nail is always fun – I love this pumpkin nail art accent!


Purple is also a great fall color!

I hope all of these beautiful manicures have given you some inspiration! Happy fall!

Kenzie is an education major.