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8 Stages of Getting Blocked on Snapchat

One day, you are going about living your life and think to yourself, “Oh this is so funny! [Insert ‘friend’s’ name] would love this!”  So you send them a Snapchat, but boom! Gray arrow…  Some may not know the full extent of this dreaded gray arrow, but just so you don’t spend the next 10 minutes thinking that your Snapchat just wouldn’t send like some of us have… You. Just. Got. Blocked.  Welcome to the world where getting blocked on Snapchat with no clue what you did wrong is just a slap in the face with a little gray arrow looking back at you as a symbol of rejection.  For those of you that have experienced this you are probably familiar with these 8 stages, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with being blocked, just be prepared.


1. Denial

There is no way that you just got blocked. You have done absolutely nothing wrong and don’t send more than two Snapchats a day to which they always respond.


2. Questioning

Oh my gosh did you send something the other night that was weird?  Did you send one too many pictures of guide dogs?  Was it possibly that picture of your food that you sent from a restaurant when all your friends said not to do it?


3. Laugh

Who wouldn’t find some humor in the fact that someone thought they needed to block you on Snapchat.


4. Confusion

Wait how do you even block someone on Snapchat?  Why did they feel the need to block you at 3 a.m.?


5. Anger

Oh no no no.  No one blocks you on Snapchat.  You will get down to the bottom of this.  There is no reason that you should get blocked on Snapchat when there has been nothing that you have done that was overly annoying or weird.


6. Mockery

Ha!  They think your Snapchats needed to be blocked?  Well theirs are so much more questionable.  Only sending pictures of yourself while shirtless is a little weird even if you’re a guy and “all guys do it.”


7. Acceptance

Who needs them on Snapchat anyway?  You don’t want them watching your stories and you don’t need this kind of negativity in your life.


8. More Confusion

This step only comes if they add you back a few days later.  Yes this can happen.  This is when you find out if it was on accident or you can actually confront them about the reason they blocked you in the first place.  Do take caution when confronting them, because things can get weird.


Thumbnail Photo by Jenna Day on Unsplash

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