8 Do's and Don'ts of LinkedIn

Many people underestimate the importance of having a great LinkedIn profile.  In this digital world that we live in today, LinkedIn and your social media accounts can be crucial in obtaining a job. LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool in not only networking but showcasing to employers your skills and personality better than it could be conveyed in a resume.

1. DO add a profile picture and background photo

Profile pictures connect a name with a face and will go a long way to create a connection with the people who are viewing your page. Furthermore, as you post things people will get to know your accomplishments through your photos. 

2. DO post on your LinkedIn two to three times a month

You want to post a few things every month to keep yourself relevant and showcase to those who follow you what you may be working on. Just make sure your posts stay professional and pertain to the industry you desire to work in. The more you post, the more memorable you'll be to employers and those you are connected with. 

3. DO upload relevant projects

The projects you complete in school often mirror actual projects in your desired industry. Adding these to your LinkedIn page is a great way to showcase your critical thinking and teamwork skills. 

4. DO contact alumni 

UGA alumni want to help you! They've made it and are looking for ways to give back to their Dawgs. Many of them would be more than willing to chat with you on the phone for half an hour about their job. They are a valuable resource for not only networking but also gaining more information on jobs you may be interested in. 

5. DON'T post a photo with your friends or dog in it

Firstly, make sure that you have a profile picture. Not having a picture could potentially be detrimental to establishing connections. Your profile picture should look professional. You should be dressed in nice clothing and have a neutral background, such as the outdoors. This picture is often the first thing an employer will see and you want to make a good impression. 

6. DON'T connect with everyone and their uncle 

This is one of those cases where you shouldn't spread the love. Only connect with people who you actually know. Furthermore, friend people who act professionally on LinkedIn. We all know that one person who doesn't understand societal norms and says or does things that are inappropriate in given situations. You don't want their lack of knowledge to affect you in negative ways and hurt your chances of getting a job. 

7. DON'T endorse someone's skills randomly

Endorsing skills is a great way to show your support for people who actually possess those skills. Often times it's commonplace for someone to endorse your skills in return after you endorse theirs. This is a great tool that can be used to forge stronger connections but it shouldn't be overused. 

8. DON'T forget to update your profile periodically 

If a year passes, and your profile stays the same, that can potentially become a problem. Check up on the information on your LinkedIn profile every few months. Make sure your jobs are up to date, your description is current, and if all your experiences are included on there. Your LinkedIn should be a reflection of your resume, so it's a good idea to update it alongside your resume. 

Here's some examples of some Her Campus babes who are slaying the LinkedIn game: 

Jayda Hill

Caitlyn Richtman