7 Things We Need From the Final Season of “Jane the Virgin”

With Jane the Virgin airing its final episodes, there are some things the viewers need to happen before we see the last chapter of this show we have enjoyed for the past five years. With Michael back, Xo still in recovery, and so much craziness of this beloved telenovela going on, we have created a list of the things we want to see before the story ends.

  1. 1. Michael to leave

    Okay, maybe it’s cruel to ask a formerly dead man who just got his memories back from a four-year case of forced amnesia (this is truly a telenovela), but we’re tired of Michael. He is messing up the life that Jane and Rafael want to have with each other. He was irritating in past seasons, he’s even more irritating now trying to win Jane back. Jane is happier without the constant tug of this old love triangle. Sorry not sorry, but HC UGA is #TeamRafael.

  2. 2. Jane to pick Rafael

    Okay, kind of obvious after the last point. Another show that just ended on The CW, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, ended it’s literal love square with Rebecca choosing to focus on herself. However, this is a romantic comedy show that’s rooted in things being unbelievable. It would be crazy if Jane didn’t end up with Michael or Rafael. Rafael is patient, loving and the father of Jane’s child.  All signs point to Rafael for Jane. Plus, the show was totally foreshadowing a miracle baby by mentioning Jane’s desire to have another child early in the last season. 

  3. 3. Xiomara to make a full recovery

    Xo deserves to keep dancing and living her life to the fullest. Before the show ends, we would love to see Xiomara become cancer-free, without a relapse. While this storyline has been extremely important, it’s sad to see a once-vibrant character lose a little bit of her spark. We hope that Xo gets that spark back and becomes stronger than ever. 

  4. 4. This Sin Rostro/Rose/Luisa/Whatever storyline to be done

    We were kind of done with this in season one, to be honest. It’s so convoluted at this point, there really isn’t a clear purpose to it anymore. Why did Rose need to “kill” then torture Michael, then bring him back four years later? This storyline seems dragged out and should have been retired seasons ago.

  5. 5. Petra to find happiness

    It’s so nice that Jane and Petra are able to just admit that they’re like sisters. They fight and disagree, but they also truly love each other and give each other good advice (when they’re not drunk). Hopefully, Petra and JR can put Magda (another character we’re tired of) behind bars where she belongs. Petra has had an incredible arc as a character and needs a happy ending.

  6. 6. Alba to be content

    We’d love for Alba to be confident enough to really confess her feelings to a seemingly oblivious Jorge. Plus, with the stress of Xiomara’s cancer, the past few seasons have been rough for her. Love hasn’t been in the cards for her in the past, but hopefully she gets her own happiness as well. 

  7. 7. The Narrator to be revealed

    Ah yes, we could not forget about the mysterious Latin narrator that has been guiding us through Jane’s journey since the beginning of the show. But who is he? There has been a lot of speculation that he’s Mateo, Jane’s Grandfather, or the other Mateo, Jane’s son. Whoever it may be, we can't wait for them to be revealed.

All that said, we’re excited to see how Jane the Virgin decides to wrap up all these storylines and more. Find out on The CW, Wednesdays at 9pm.