7 Things to Do on Reading Day Besides Read

Final exams for the University of Georgia are approaching almost as quickly as students’ determination is dissipating. However, there is one flicker of light in what appears to be a dark, dark tunnel ahead: reading day. Thursday, April 27, has been designated by the University Council as reading day for the spring 2017 semester, and no mandatory assignments are to be scheduled for completion. Although it's considered an uninterrupted “study day” by the university, here are seven things you should consider doing on reading day besides reading. It's potentially your last day of freedom before the ever-looming final exams are upon you.

1. Get a head start on your summer tan.

Find a pool to lay out by, or make do with a towel and your back deck. Either way, you could spare a few hours soaking up some vitamin D before summer starts.

2. Go see a movie.

Whether it’s a new release, or you never made the time to see Beauty and the Beast, find some friends, and take advantage of your student discount at the local theater before you leave Athens for the summer.

3. Go on a shopping spree.

You’ve been longing to snag a few new clothing items to sport this summer. Whether you prefer shopping at the unique Athens boutiques or you’re a “Maxxinista” who finds the best deals at TJMaxx, treat yourself to a few new additions to your summer wardrobe.

4. Eat a good meal.

It's no secret some of the best restaurants can be found in Athens, Georgia. You won’t be in the city much longer, and it’s always healthy to have a full stomach heading into an exam, so go try a new meal at the restaurant that’s been on your list all semester but you just haven’t made the time for yet.

5. Take a nap.

It seems nap time is becoming rarer and rarer as the semester draws to a close. Take 30 minutes or 3 hours, and crawl into your bed for some much needed rest.

6.  Read for pleasure.

So you aren’t going to read anything for school, but you’re a bookworm at your core, so use the day to catch up on your favorite book that’s inevitably been collecting dust on your shelf this semester.

7. Play some games.

Get your group of friends, and put down technology for the day. Turn off the computer screen, and pull out a board game or card game if you want to stay indoors. Or set up volleyball or spike ball, and play outside like the old days.

College is hard. Classes are hard. And by April, everything just seems hard. If you just can’t avoid it, then spend a small chunk of reading day to study, but you have 24 hours that are as close to freedom as it comes, so dedicate some time to yourself. Have fun. You won’t be a college student with a “reading day” forever.


All gifs are from Giphy.