7 Things To Do If You're Bored at Home

So you've suddenly got more time on your hands? Don't we all! Here are seven things to help pass the time.

  1. 1. Make a new playlist

    A throwback playlist? A happy playlist? A playlist of just Jonas Brothers songs? The possibilities are endless! Make a new playlist and jam out!

  2. 2. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while

    Chances are, they aren't busy right now! Give them a call and catch up while you practice social distancing!

  3. 3. Watch the Marvel movies in order

    Disney+ here you come!

  4. 4. Clean out your closet

    Spring cleaning at its finest!

  5. 5. Make a face mask

    These ideas are super simple!

  6. 6. Do some at-home yoga

    Work on your mindfulness and flexilibity!

  7. 7. Or try an at-home workout

    The gyms are closed, but that's not going to stop you!

As a bonus eighth thing to do: binge-read Her Campus UGA articles!