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7 Songs to Start Your Rainy Day Playlist

If you go to the University of Georgia, you may have noticed that it’s been raining—a lot. With day after day of gray skies, puddles and muddy grass, your playlist may take a turn to songs that are more mellowed out and sonically amplified with the steady rain hitting your window. With the forecast not looking too much better, here are seven songs to help you create a rainy day playlist. 

Dog Years” by Maggie Rogers

If it feels like it’s been forever to humans without the sun, just imagine what it feels like to dogs. Maggie Rogers’ debut album, Heard It In a Past Life, just came out, and this song is a stand-out. 

A Little More” by Alessia Cara

This wistful song about wanting more in your relationship with someone has a comforting tone and melody that make it a wonderful choice to listen to during a cloudy drive.

Love & War In Your Twenties” by Jordan Searcy

As college students, we can all relate to this song by Jordan Searcy. This song would be a great addition to your playlist, and as it says in the song, your twenties are for wasting time and doing things like making playlists for every kind of mood.

Armor” by Sara Bareilles

This new girl power anthem from songstress Sara Bareilles will get you grooving even on the grayest of days.

Bad Habit” by Ben Platt

Did you guys know that Pitch Perfect‘s Benji is a Broadway star who has released a single for his own album? Shook.

Slow Burn” by Kacey Musgraves

When it’s been raining for days that feel like weeks, everything seems to go in slow motion. This reflective song proves why Kacey Musgraves deserved those Grammys.

Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles

There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful, and this classic will get your reminicising about when we once saw the sun regularly.

Even if we wish we were “Walkin’ on Sunshine” every day, sometimes it rains. At least now you have a great start for a playlist!

Maggie is pursing a Public Relations degree with a certificate in Public Affairs Communications at the University of Georgia. Her favorite cities are Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida. Her regular Starbucks order is a grande iced vanilla coffee, and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter @maggie_cav.
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