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6 Returning Fall TV Shows

The official beginning of fall is only a few days away. While most people are looking forward to colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, football, and all things pumpkin spiced, others are looking forward to the return of some of their favorite television shows. Fall TV is right around the corner! Here are six television shows returning this fall.

1. Scream Queens (September 20th)

Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee and American Horror Story, returns with his comedy horror show, Scream Queens. Season one, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer and Lea Michelle, took place on a college campus with a masked serial killer on the loose. Season two will be set in a hospital. A majority of the cast will reprise their roles and newcomers John Stamos and Taylor Lautner have been added to the cast. We can’t wait to catch up with the Chanels, and hopefully Taylor Lautner will have a few shirtless scenes. Season two of Scream Queens premieres Tuesday, September 20th, on Fox.

2. Empire (September 21st)

The musical drama, starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, has been a hit since the first season premiered, and season two ended with fans at the edge of their seats. Characters Anika (a.k.a Boo Boo Kitty) and Rhonda were seen fighting near the edge of a building, and it’s safe to assume that one of them ends up falling over. Hakeem was left at the altar after his wedding was brutally interrupted, and Lucious decided to marry Anika, leaving Cookie furious. So what can fans expect in the third season? Audiences will finally find out who falls to their doom. Anika or Rhonda? The third season will also focus on Cookie and Lucious’ relationship. Does Cookie finally decide to abandon her feelings for Lucious once and for all? Of course, fans can also look forward to new music, and Cookie won’t be the only diva on the show. Mariah Carey is set to have a guest appearance on the show. Empire returns Wednesday, September 21st, on Fox.

3. How To Get Away With Murder (September 22nd)

When it comes to Thursday night television, Shonda Rhimes owns it. She has three successful TV shows on a major network. How To Get Away With Murder returns Thursday, September 22nd, on ABC. The show, starring Viola Davis, ended season two with a bang. There hasn’t been much information revealed about the plot of season three, but Wes, portrayed by Alfred Enoch, will uncover more of his past and discover who murdered his father. Grab your wine and set your DVRs!

4. Once Upon A Time (September 25th)

The magic continues. The ABC show is entering its sixth season, and Emma, Snow White and Charming are still fighting the forces of darkness. This season, Regina will come face-to-face with her former self, the Evil Queen. The story of Aladdin will be explored this season, and alongside the title character, fans can also expect to see Jasmine and Jafar. Once Upon A Time will return Sunday, September 25th on ABC.

5. The Flash (October 4th)

Fanboys (and girls) of the superhero genre can look forward to the return of the CW hit, The Flash. The Flash, starring Grant Gustin, will enter its third season when it returns this fall. Last season we saw Barry Allen defeat Zoom, but instead of embracing his victory and finally getting the woman of his dreams, he goes back in time to save his mother from being killed. Thus, setting up the story for “Flashpoint,” which is what fans can expect this season. In season three, Barry will have his mother back, but as audiences and fans of the show know, traveling back in time can have unlikely consequences. Along with the “Flashpoint” story, Kid Flash will make his debut, and Barry will face all new villains, including the Reverse Flash. The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 4th, on the CW.

6. Supergirl (October 10th)

Supergirl is another show that became a huge success following its premiere season. The show, starring former Glee actress Melissa Benoist, is produced by the same team that brought you The Flash and Arrow. Last season, Kara Danvers (a.k.a Supergirl) made her debut as a hero and saved the planet from destruction. While Supergirl has proved that she is a worthy hero, she will have more obstacles to overcome. In season two, more aliens are set to arrive on Earth, including Miss Martian who will be portrayed by actress Sharon Leal. Superman himself will also make his debut on the show and he will be portrayed by former Teen Wolf actor, Tyler Hoechlin. Although season one premiered on CBS, the show has been moved and will now air on the CW.

I am a third year student at UGA and an intended broadcast journalism major.
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