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6 Reasons Why Aldi is the Superior Grocery Store

The grocery store, ugh. We all have to grocery shop, whether we like it or not because we all have to eat, and we all have to get that food from somewhere. There’s plenty of grocery stores out there, but when it comes down to which one reigns supreme, there’s no question about it that Aldi takes the cake. Check out these reasons why Aldi is the superior grocery store.

The prices are unbeatable.

This is one of the top perks of shopping at good ‘ole Aldi. After shopping there a few times, you’ll wonder why you even bothered shopping anywhere else in the first place. As a girl raised in an avid Aldi shopping family, it’s hard to not appreciate the deals and steals of a good Aldi haul. Kroger who? We don’t know her.

The off-brands are bangin’.

Off-brands don’t deserve the bad rap they get, and Aldi produces nothing but hits. You’ll probably find something that you’ll end up liking better than a big name brand, and with a price that low, it’s bound to happen. Like Aldi’s chex mix for example? *chef’s kiss* 10x better than any name brand. Not to mention the names themselves are iconic. Why eat “Cocoa Puffs” when you could be eating “Chocolate Spheres” for half the price???

They have it ALL.

There’s a reason it’s not your average grocery store. You literally never know what you’re going to find in the middle aisle, and it changes so often that there’s always going to be a crazy variety. Sure, they are probably called Aldi because they have “all the” things, but like, do you need this random vegetable spiraler? Probably not, but you can’t pass up a deal when you see one!

There’s something for everybody.

Aldi has a whole line of gluten-free products and plenty of vegetarian options. I mean, they have their own baby line, and some stores even have a section of ready-to-go meals. The whole store is definitely college friendly and inclusive for everyone.

They are environmentally conscious.

You have to bring your own bags to Aldi, which sometimes is a bit of hassel. But given the fact that it encourages people to purchase reusable bags kind of makes it worth it. Less plastic for the environment and teaching more responsibility to you. It’s a win-win.

The shopping cart rental system is pretty genius.

You need a quarter to get a shopping cart, but you get it back when you leave. One of the reasons Aldi’s prices are so low is because of their cart rental system. When you think about it, this means Aldi doesn’t have to hire anyone to round up all the shopping carts in the parking lot, and there isn’t the risk of carts rolling around hitting other cars and what-not. Aldi’s really got it figured out and I’ll probably always keep an “Aldi quarter” in my car until the day I die.

Whether you’re popping in to pick up a few items or spending the afternoon on a grocery haul, Aldi is the place to shop. It might take some getting used to, but once you join the club, you’re in it for life. All other grocery stores don’t stand a chance against this gem!

Olivia Harris is a fourth year UGA student majoring in Consumer Journalism, with a focus area in Human Development and Family Science. When she's not writing, Olivia loves spending time binge watching Parks and Rec, playing with her dog named Kirby, and eating peanut butter straight from the jar. She is proud to be the fourth person in her family to attend UGA, and will always consider herself a die hard dawg fan.
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