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5SOS5 is 5 Seconds of Summer’s 5th studio album. Released on Sept. 23, 2022, the record is pure pop-rock perfection and is already my favorite album of all time — well, at least until 5SOS blesses us with another masterpiece in the next few years. Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin have continuously leveled up their songwriting with every album and 5SOS5 is no exception. The boys really put everything into making 5SOS5. It’s the first time they’ve gone through the writing process just the four of them, with Michael producing most of it. 5SOS are also independent now, meaning they aren’t signed to a record label — and what they’ve been able to achieve on their own is incredible.

Back in November 2020 Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton took to a cabin in Joshua Tree, California with no real intention of making an album. They just started writing and ended up with banger after banger. From “Complete Mess” to “Tears!” there’s not a song on 5SOS5 I don’t like.  It’s a sonically cohesive but also diverse album that pushes the boundaries of what pop music should be. That is what 5SOS strives to achieve with each album. They don’t want to be put in this box that the music industry tries to put artists into. Production coupled with tangible lyricism is an experience in itself. If I could go back and listen to the album for the first time, I hope nothing will ever top that feeling.

5SOS5 is the band’s most introspective and authentic album to date. It has similar vibes to their second studio album Sounds Good Feels Good but with a more mature lens. And it’s the album I can relate to the most in my young adult years. Songs like “Emotions,” “Moodswings,” “Tears!,” “Bleach,” and “Blender” express the growing pains that we all go through as we transition from teens to adults.

Hearing words like “nothing left what a mess oh my god it never ends now we’re stressed and depressed and we’re going round again in an emotional blender” and “don’t mind me I’m feeling kinda broken… I’m doing my best and I guess that’s the best I do” feels like a comforting blanket to me. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in how I’m feeling. 5SOS5 is their most vulnerable and authentic album and we get a look inside their minds. This album perfectly encapsulates everything 5SOS are and where they want to go with their career.

Everything is elevated on 5SOS5 — the vocals, the production, the harmonies, the instrumentation. This album really sets itself apart from the other works in their discography. CALM was great but it was darker. While it was the intro to the 4-part harmonies, it was only 13 songs and Luke sang most of it by himself. Luke is a powerhouse vocalist; his voice is so strong and smooth but I did miss hearing the other boys sing more.

Michael got his time to shine on 5SOS5 I love his parts on the album as his voice is so unique. The bass and drums were the stars of the show, especially on “Flatline,” “You Don’t Go To Parties,” and “Blender.” Calum and Ashton really didn’t have to go that hard but they did. Also, 5SOS5 is the first time 5SOS has featured female vocals on a song. Luke and his fiancé Sierra Deaton wrote and recorded this beautiful 50s-inspired love song “Older.” It’s an interesting addition to the album.

I don’t know what else to say, 5SOS5 is that album and everybody needs to listen to it now.

Hi, I'm Quincey Durham I recently started my first semester at UGA. I'm a journalism major and I love to write about all things entertaiment in my free time.