5SOS Fans Sink Their Teeth Into New Single

5 Seconds of Summer finally found their signature sound with their new single "Teeth," and fans are loving it. 

Back in May, 5SOS released their first single from their fourth studio album (which is expected in early 2020), called "Easier," which was another step in the band’s evolution. The writing process and the success of Youngblood opened the door for 5SOS to be the band they want to be. "Easier" was a set up for "Teeth" to get fans used to and excited for the sonic direction they are going in. "Easier" is so good and definitely different from anything the band has done before, but "Teeth" is 5SOS.

With a song title like "Teeth," fans didn’t really know what to expect after the band announced the song—especially since it’s featured on the 13 Reasons Why season three soundtrack. In typical 5SOS fandom fashion, there were dentist and teeth brushing jokes all over Twitter within minutes, but it was also fun trying to figure out what the song was really about and how it might sound. After days of 5SOS teasing and hyping up the song, it was finally released this week and no one was expecting the song to be what it is. It’s got a heavy, dark and mysterious sound with pop elements; it has some of their best lyrics to date and Luke’s vocals are absolutely fantastic. It might just be the best thing 5SOS have done so far.

5SOS are so passionate about what they do, always striving to better themselves and break musical boundaries. They don’t have to conform to genre norms because the music industry is changing, and there’s no set sound to pop music these days, unlike how it was a few years ago, as they said in a recent interview. They’re finally creating the music they want to make, and they’re so confident in it. It's an amazing thing to witness.

Over the last couple of years, each of the boys have gone through personal struggles that have allowed them to come out as better individuals and a better band. That’s what "Teeth" and its music video is essentially about. In the creepy video, each boy gets drugged dentist-style and has to face their fears in order to make it out alive. Overall, it’s exactly what fans and the boys want the band to sound like.

Buckle up because 5SOS are just getting started and there’s so much more to come.