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Web series are a great option for college girls who are looking for something new to watch.  The episodes are almost always short, but the audience usually still gets a complete story, which is convenient for someone who have a lot going on in their life. Here is a list of five web series to try out.

1. Final Space

Final Space is an animated science-fiction comedy that follows Gary, a prisoner who must work off his sentence on a spaceship. When he encounters a cute, yet devastatingly powerful, alien creature during his sentence, he names him Mooncake and resolves to protect him from danger. One of these dangers is the Lord Commander, who is also tiny and powerful, but is incredibly cruel. Unlike the other series in this list, Final Space is not entirely free to watch.  You can watch the first three episodes on VRV without paying the website any money, but the rest of the episodes are for premium customers. Howerer, it is still entertaining enough to earn itself a spot on this list. The free episodes are worth checking out.

2. Barbie Parodies in Stop Motion

This is a series of stop-motion parodies in which the famous Barbie doll is an irresponsible, foul-mouthed alcoholic; the young dolls advertised as her sisters are secretly her daughters; and she has broken up with Ken. Each episode is a short film that focuses on Barbie facing some new ludicrous event in her life, whether that be her starring in a new episode of Real Housewives of Toys R Us, or entering her “sister” Chelsea in the Little Miss Plastic Fantastic pageant. Overall, this is a good pick for any former Barbie owners who like mature humor. This show also gets better with time, so it is best to watch at least two or three episodes before you make a final decision on it.  

3. Dragon Ball Z Abridged

This show is different from the others on this list in that its content does not belong to the creators. Dragon Ball Z Abridged is a fan parody of the television show Dragon Ball Z. Clips from the show are edited with sound effects and voice-overs created by the Team Four Star, a group that creates abridged series. They always make sure to give credit where credit is due, with a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode clarifying ownership of the material and asking viewers to support the original show. This show is especially funny for viewers who have seen the show before, but anyone can enjoy it.

4. The Most Popular Girls in School

Most Popular Girls in School is a stop-motion show about a cast of characters, mostly cheerleaders, who are flawed to the point of hilarity. They spend each season confronting a new conflict, like a modeling competition or an invasion of hipsters. The jokes on this show involve a lot of foul language, irreverence and toilet humor. So if that is your thing, you should consider giving this show a try.  

5. Her Story

In this series, a writer and lesbian named Allie decides that she wants to interview a trans woman named Violet for her next piece. This show features the interviews and the characters’ personal lives. It is a good pick for anyone who is interested in issues concerning female members of the LGBT community.  

There you have it.  If you are looking for a new web series to watch then this might give you an idea of where to start.

Shantrisse is a double major in Computer Science and Entertainment and Media Studies. She enjoys long walks, movies, and going out with friends.
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