5 Ways to Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

As we grow up, it is inevitable that we will have to leave the place we call home. No matter what is considered home, whether it be your hometown, school or job, you are not only leaving behind the aspects of familiarity that bring you comfort, but also the people that come with it—your friends. Just like romantic relationships, long-distance friendships can appear to be hard to maintain. The barriers of distance, busy schedules or time-zones can put a strain on it. But there are ways to work around it, to make it feel like you’re still close even when you’re far away.

1. Keep In Contact

You don't have to talk to your friends every day, but checking in multiple times a week can make it feel like you're not missing out on anything you both have going on. Scheduling weekly FaceTime or Skype calls can help maintain that connected feeling. Not only does it serve as the time to catch up, but you can also make it time to study and do homework together. It serves a way to help keep each other motivated while you’re away.

2. Plan Time to See Each Other

Find time whenever you can to meet up with each other. Whether it be brunches, weekend trips or going out every once in a while. No matter how long it is, that personal time together can help hold you over until you see each other again.

3. Embrace the Distance

You may never know, but this created distance could be a blessing in disguise. It could be the time for you and your friends to discover new things about yourself and meet new people. Or it can be what makes your friendship even stronger. You can find new ways of bonding by starting a book club with each other or watching the same show and coming back together to talk about it.

4. The Little Things Count

There’s nothing that can show a friend you care by remembering and doing the little things. Pay attention to the names and details of the new friends or people they've encountered. Keep track of important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations and even minute celebrations such as half birthdays. Sending them inspirational texts, memes and pictures of your day through Snapchat can let them know you’re thinking about them.

5. Don’t Fear a Lack of Contact

Talking everyday isn't realistic, and sometimes you may go days or weeks without talking to your best friends. With everyone having their own busy schedule this can easily happen. But knowing that no matter how long it is that you may go without speaking, you can easily pick back up right where you let off.

Distance doesn't mean your friendship has to end, but it does mean you have to work twice as hard as before. Just like couples need to maintain communication and show affection, friendships require you to do the same. Life happens, and it is possible to drift apart but to avoid that it is up to everyone to work hard and keep the friendship alive.