5 Unique Teas to Gift this Valentine's Day

The world of teas is probably a lot bigger than you think—and tea also happens to make a great Valentine's or Galentine's gift! Tea can be customized to anyone's preferences, and since it takes a few minutes to steep, it pretty much guarantees that your loved one will be thinking about you throughout their tea-making adventure. These aren't simple Earl Gray or generic black tea recommendations, either—they're some personal favorites that everyone should try!

  1. 1. Hibiscus Tea

    hibiscus tea with lemon slice

    This tea is especially Valentines-appropriate, since it's a beautiful red color. To me, hibiscus tea has a slight cranberry flavor, and it's great hot or iced. This tea can be found online or in high-end grocery stores, but a pro-tip is to visit your local Hispanic grocery to find some at a great price. It’s also known by its Spanish name, Agua de Jamaica, at some Mexican restaurants.

  2. 2. Irish Breakfast Tea

    Coffee mug on table with books and colorful pot holder

    This tea is the equivalent of dark roast coffee—it’s strong and has a high caffeine content, so it’s perfect for your friend who needs a caffeine fix but wants to try something new! The classic brand to use, of course, is Twinings, but Trader Joe’s is also a great option. Your loved one can add some milk and sugar to their liking and make it a great cuppa.

  3. 3. Oolong Tea

    Tea pot with cup of tea

    If you've ever ordered hot tea at a Chinese restaurant (and if you haven't, you should), it was probably Oolong tea. We can't eat out like normal during the pandemic, but if you try your hand at cooking some Chinese food, adding a kettle of Oolong tea is the perfect way to make your meal extra authentic! Spend some time with your loved one cooking, steeping Oolong tea, and enjoying a delicious meal together!

  4. 4. White Tea

    Tea with book

    White tea sits in this weird category of not being a traditional black, green, or herbal tea that makes it one of the most unique tea options. It’s actually made from young tea plant buds, so it’s from the same plant as black tea—just not as far along in the growth process. It has a very light flavor, so I’d recommend getting one like this that has a berry flavor, too.

  5. 5. Any Loose Leaf Tea

    clear glass mug with tea steeping on brown table

    This is definitely a broader suggestion, but something about loose leaf tea just feels fancier. Plus, this way you can gift a tea infuser that fits with your loved one's personality, whether that’s a simple gold tea ball or a quirky “Manatea Tea Infuser.” If you really want up the ante, you can get a teapot like this from David’s Tea where the steeper is embedded into the teapot, so no extra piece is required.

If you’re still not sure what tea is right for your Valentine’s Day gifting needs, head to a site like David’s Tea to look at their huge selection. Cheers to a Valentine’s Day full of tea!