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5 Things That Make Hillary Clinton Great for the Presidency

With election day right around the corner, the people of the United States of America will have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important elections of the century. The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton along with her running mate Senator Tim Kaine are running against Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence. The competition is tight and even though each candidate brings something different to the table, here are five things about Hillary Clinton that make her stand out, and may make you say, “I’m with her,” come November 8th.

1. She’s a woman. Yes, sometimes the woman card needs to played because men have been running the game and swinging their man card around for over 200 years.*

2. She has political and global experience. Hillary Clinton’s resume is so long, it has to be made into a movie. Can you imagine a Hillary Clinton film with Hillary Clinton played by Scarlet Johansson? OMG. No one can deny that Hillary knows her stuff front and back and side to side.

3. She’s loyal beyond compare. No one wants their marriage to unravel when the whole world is watching. Ask Brad and Angelina or anyone who has ever had marital strife (*cough-cough* Beyoncé and Jay-Z). For most people, it would have been a deal-breaker but Hillary is still by her husband’s side. If America does not elect her as the next president, at least there will be no doubt that she will still be as prominent as she has always been in politics.

4. She is literally the BOSS every millennial woman aspires to be. Hillary Clinton is a true self-made woman. Her own intelligence, hand work, and willpower allowed her to achieve the success she has over the years. Unfortunately, there are too many stories out about women who had the will but weren’t able to achieve the same success and acknowledgement as their male counter parts. It’s 2016 and Hillary is the first female major party leader. Talk about breaking the glass ceiling!

5. Master of the Art of Comebacks. Sometimes a look with a small smile will do. Part of being a president is having to deal with opinion from all sides. The ability to get your point across, with a hint of humor, while being speedy, in effect, is not easy. This is an art form that has high relevance especially for a country as powerful as America, but appears to have little relevance when choosing the best-fit candidate.

*All quotes are from Hillary Clinton.


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