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The 5 Stages of Missing Your Dog

What did we ever do to deserve dogs? They are so loving, adorable and pretty much the best companions anyone could ask for. The adorable puppy eyes, the cute little wagging tails and their button noses…I mean come on, what’s not to love? If you have a dog back at home, you know the bond between you and your pup is unlike anything, making it even harder to say goodbye when you leave for college. It’s not uncommon for you to find yourself thinking about your dog in the middle of the day, or longing for a quick little cuddle-sesh with them. Chances are you’ve probably experienced the following stages of missing them.

1. Seeing another dog and thinking about your dog.

We’ve all been there…you’re walking across campus to your class and see an adorable guide dog pup rolling around in the grass and playing with its owner. It immediately makes you think of your sweet doggy and all the fun times you had when you were home. Coincidentally, you suddenly start seeing guide dogs EVERYWHERE it seems like. Next to you in class, on the bus, on the sidewalk…you name it, there they are. It’s like not being hungry until you smell your favorite food. Seeing other dogs makes you miss your own ten times more!  

2. Looking at pictures of them on your phone.

You miss your dog like crazy now, so of course you want to remind yourself just how cute they really are. You find yourself scrolling through pictures and laughing at old videos without even realizing you’re in public. You probably even change your phone screensaver to a picture of the two of you so it makes you smile every time someone texts you. I mean have you ever seen a more adorable creature? You even find yourself showing others pictures like they are your own child or something, because honestly they are your baby. Everyone just accepts that you are dog crazy and goes along with it when you show them the same picture for the hundredth time.

3. FaceTiming your mom and asking to see the dog.

Your mom is so excited to see your face and hear from you, but you obviously have different intentions. You love your mom, of course, but enough with the small talk, show me the dog! Nothing else will brighten your day like talking to your pup! The call mostly consists of you just saying their name over and over again and them getting excited by your voice, and it’s honestly just them sitting there while your mom films. It may seem lackluster, but it makes you so happy and miss them even more! You just want to reach through the phone and give that precious little fluff a big hug.

4. Going to a friend’s house that has a dog just so you can play with their dog.

By now, you’re in it deep. You’ve gotten just enough of your puppy fix, but nothing compares to the real thing. Home is just too far away, so you try to think of the next best thing. You call up a friend who has a dog and set up a hangout so you can play with their dog. Playing with another dog just makes you more sentimental and reminisce on all the good times that you’ve had with your own pup. Of course it's fun, but it's not the same as playing and cuddling with your fur baby back at home!

5. Giving in and taking a trip home to see your dog.

At this point, you’ve had enough and decide to take a trip home to see your dog for yourself. You know it will be worth the trip, and you even get to see your family as a bonus! Walking through the door, you give hugs to everyone then go straight for the dog. At last you’re reunited! You try to make the most of the cuddles, games of fetch, and sweet moments with your pup before you have to leave again. You know that once you go back to school, the cycle will start back over again like it always does.

Cheers to all the dog lovers out there!

Olivia Harris is a fourth year UGA student majoring in Consumer Journalism, with a focus area in Human Development and Family Science. When she's not writing, Olivia loves spending time binge watching Parks and Rec, playing with her dog named Kirby, and eating peanut butter straight from the jar. She is proud to be the fourth person in her family to attend UGA, and will always consider herself a die hard dawg fan.
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