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5 Resume-Boosting Activities for Summer

Yes, you read the title correctly—this article is about things to do this summer to boost your resume.  A little early to start thinking about this, you say? Trust me, some people already know their plans for summer (not me on this go round). Let me give you a few ideas of some ventures to look into.

Take University Classes

I’ll start off by saying that I never actually did this, but I have considered it (close enough, right?). You might be burned out just from taking Fall and Spring classes, however, taking Summer classes is one of the best things you can do for yourself in your college years. It gets you through your degree requirements faster, thus making graduation more of a reality. If you do end up taking summer classes, just remember this while you’re studying: the tassel *is* worth the hassle.

Work at a Summer Camp
eboni standing in front of interlochen sign (my photo)
Eboni Goar

The camp I worked at for three straight summers is called Interlochen Arts Camp. This performing arts camp is located in the woods of northwestern Michigan. My position during those summers was a cabin counselor and I was responsible for acting as a parental unit to girls ages 12-16. We had the time of our lives attending various arts performances, eating ice cream together and bonding through bedside chats. Believe me when I say that at the end of six weeks I did not want to return home, which is why I worked for as many summers as I did. Yours truly was even a camper there myself about six years ago!

Volunteer Exchange Accommodation
eboni standing with japanese guesthouse managers (my photo)
Eboni Goar

I know: three big words put together. But trust me, it’s a simple concept. If you know what WWOOFing is, then you’re on the right track. This venture is one where people can travel to different countries to work in various lodgings, homes, etc. to receive little to no compensation. I first found out about this through WorkAway, which, for a yearly subscription fee of $20, is a website that can pair people with potential places to volunteer at. In my particular case, I volunteered at an international guesthouse for four straight weeks in Nara, Japan and in compensation for my work, I received a bed in the female dormitory section there. If you do something like this, I recommend saving up enough money to support yourself during your stay as well as bringing some dry food from your home country. 

Do an Internship (Paid/Unpaid)
eboni's nametag at japan america society of ga (my photo)
Eboni Goar

The particular internship I completed took place in the summer and fall of 2019. I had the pleasure of working at the Japan-America Society of Georgia (JASG). This non-profit organization’s mission is to bring together both Japanese and American people in the state of Georgia through business seminars, cultural events and much more. Interns there are responsible for using various social media platforms to advertise a wide array of events, compiling data for the organization as well as volunteering at JASG’s member events. Thanks to this internship, my Japanese language skills gradually improved since I had to converse in Japanese with superiors and co-workers. I was even able to go on a few company tours of both Japanese and American companies in the process. This experience is one of the best I’ve partaken in and I would go back to do it with no hesitation.

Get in Touch with Your Entrepreneurial Side

Finally, try starting a business. You’re really never too young or old to do this and plus, you could become your own boss one day! If you’re successful at this, please let me know so I can watch for you on Shark Tank and let my jaw drop in awe.

With all of these activities to think about, the opportunities are endless. Summer vacation is just around the corner, so start researching! If you do end up completing one or more of these activities, just don’t forget to actually include it/them on your resume…

Eboni Goar is one of the newer writers for Her Campus at UGA who recently joined in January 2020. She is a senior Japanese language major from Atlanta, GA. When she's not studying Japanese, she can typically be found on her laptop watching Terrace House, in her room taking a nap, getting her nails done or trying out new restaurants.
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