5 Reasons Why You, Too, Should Be Obsessed with Space

Space is one of the most fascinating things our universe has to offer. Besides being both the final frontier and the home to the legendary Jedi, it’s both mysterious and complex. Frankly, NASA deserves far more hype than it actually gets. Here are five reasons why you should be certifiably obsessed with outer space.

  1. 1. It's gorgeous.

    There’s a reason we love looking at pictures of planets, galaxies and the Moon—just like there’s a reason we drive into the middle of nowhere and stay up half the night to witness meteor showers. Space is beautiful, and even though our iPhones may not capture the brilliance, our eyes never fail to witness space’s splendor.

  2. 2. It's uncharted territory.

    Literally anything could be out there. It’s an entirely new realm of discovery in a world where, besides the deep sea, everything has been mapped out. Aliens? Habitable planets? New elements for the periodic table? The possibilities are endless, and we’ll never know until we go.

  3. 3. Stars.

    That’s it. That’s the reason.

  4. 4. It fosters imagination.

    So many books, films and musical pieces have drawn from space as either a setting or a springboard. Star Wars, Star Trek, and a large portion of the science fiction genre would not exist without artists’ creative imaginations that were based in the infinity of space.

  5. 5. It inspires us.

    Space inspires us. It moves us. It makes us feel. It drives us to explore, adventure and question what we cannot see. Space listens to the dreams and wishes we don’t tell anyone else. The limitlessness of space reminds us that there is no end to our possibilities and no ceiling to cap our accomplishments.

Maybe your love of space doesn’t go as far as buying any product remotely marketed with stars, planets or galaxies (like me), but I hope that this encourages a certain level of admiration for the universe outside your window. When you look up at the sky at night, take a moment to appreciate your own personal piece of infinity gazing back down at you.