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5 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Friendsgiving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

There are multiple rationales to be celebrating one of America’s greatest, college student-created holidays: Friendsgiving. This can range from being too far away to go home for actual Thanksgiving to just wanting to eat turkey, stuffing, and pie two days rather than one out of the year. Whatever your justifications for this recently-invented holiday, it’s worth celebrating. As a more laid back festivity, it’s always something to look forward to this month. So, get your Pinterest boards ready because Friendsgiving definitely should be marked on your calendar for the reasons below.

1. The Cooking Isn’t One Person’s Responsibility

The host is not responsible for cooking everything! Each guest is expected to bring a dish, but the host is expected to make the turkey. This means less stress on everyone, including you, because you don’t have to plan the perfect menu. You can also see what each of your friends’ favorite dishes are from their culture or family for Thanksgiving meals!

2. No Family Drama

There is no Thanksgiving without a little family feud. Good thing this holiday is usually drama free. There is no Aunt Mildred refusing to sit next to Great Aunt Jenny for an incident that happened years ago. You actually get to pick who comes to this event.

3. No/Little Traveling

A plethora of people celebrating this are in college and already in the same place already. This means no eight hour car drives or flights across the country!

4. Bonding With Your New College Friends

College is the time to find life-long friends! Friendsgiving is another memory you can look back on with the new friends you make and remember how all of you got closer.

5. Stories

With this bonding and no family around, there is bound to be a copious amount of stories and memories to remember forever from this experience. You might not want to remember everything that will happen, but that’s alright. “Regrets and mistakes, they are memories made,” as Adele said.


Get ready for some great fall and food memories with the people you’ve made your family while away at school!