5 Reasons 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' is Your Next Binge Watch

'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' is a three season series available on Netflix. Based on the Phyrne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood, the television adaptation follows female detective Phyrne Fisher and her companions as they solve murders in 1920's Melbourne. Here are 5 reasons why this show should be on your list of binge-worthy content.

1. The show has many strong female characters 

Phyrne Fisher doesn't let any man tell her what to do much less push her around. Phyrne is a strong female icon who allows little to hold her back. She does what she wants with little regard for the opinions of others. She takes on issues such as adoption and women's sexuality, which were issues that were only beginning to take root during the roaring 20's. Most of all, she isn't afraid to state her beliefs and disagree with others. In addition to Phyrne, the other strong female characters are Dorothy (Dot) and the female doctor, Elizabeth McMillian. 


2. It gives insight to life in Australia during the 1920's. 

Shows set in Australia can be hard to come by. This one is littered with little details about life in Melbourne after World War II and before the Great Depression. It also alludes to other events that are occurring around the world such as prohibition in America. It is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to other British and American shows that are set in this time period. 


3. The 1920's aesthetic

The 1920's were full of short hair styles and glamorous dresses. The character of Phryne Fisher doesn't disappoint when it comes to her unique and exciting outfit choices. She somehow manages to climb through windows and sneak around while still looking fabulous. On the other hand, Dot remains glamorous and true to the time period wearing outfits that represent the sensible middle class, which are often overlooked by other historical dramas. 


4. There are relationships worth shipping

The two main relationships of the show are between Jack and Phryne, and Dot and Hugh. Both couples are unique and worth shipping in different ways. The banter between Jack and Phryne is witty and entertaining. The chemistry between the two is undeniable throughout the entire series. On the other hand, the relationship between Dot and Hugh is slow burning and adorable. They are both so awkward and sweet that it will remind you of your first love. 


5. Phryne teaches other women that social change is more important than behaving properly

This is the most important lesson of the entire series. Phryne is never pitted against other women and is constantly trying to lift them up and encourage them to be strong and independent. She wants other women to follow in her liberated footsteps and isn't afraid to show it. 

Happy binge watching! 


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