5 Outdoor Activities to Do This Spring

As the days become warmer and you aren't forced to wear three layers every day, the opportunities to stay outside for more than a brisk walk to get to your next class increase as well. Spring is coming and rather than staying inside for hours with no breaks from studying, try a few of these activities with your friends to have a breath of fresh air for a good stress reliever!

1. Watergun Fight

Watergun fights are a game that can be fun with two or twenty people. Whether you have a full on war with waterguns and balloons galore, or play a game like "Assassin" over multiple days where you have a specific target, the options are endless with just a little bit of water. 

2. Paint Twister

Adding a little bit of paint to a Twister mat outside is a perfect way to add a bit more fun to a classic game. Throw on some white clothes to color up your shirt in the process and have a great memento.

3. Slip and Slide

Slip and slides are definetly not just for kids. Whether as a stand alone or in addition to a water fight, setting up a slip and slide on a hill with inner tubes is a great way to cool down when it gets a little too hot.

4. Picnic

Although simple, a picnic is a great way to take in the serenity of springtime. Whether you just bring a few snacks and a towel or have a full on meal with a big blanket, any time spent laying outdoors laying in the grass outside is sure to be the perfect destressor.

5. Waterballoon Paint Darts 

Water isn't the only thing that are good with balloons. Fill up a few balloons and tack them on a canvas à la The Princess Diaries and then spend a while throwing darts at them to create a unique splatter paint masterpiece!

When studying becomes a bore, just take a step outside and have a little fun while you wait out the weeks until spring break.