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5 Must-Have Swimsuits for Spring Break!

Spring break is just around the corner, and while we have our fingers crossed for warm weather during our week off, we are also hoping for that banging beach bod to magically appear that we were suppose to start working on after Thanksgiving. Even if your body isn’t as banging as you’d like it to be, these swimsuits might help motivate you to still get in a few squats and crunches before spring break arrives… and if not, summer will be here soon, right? 

This swimsuit screams “perfect beach day,” with unique cuts, and a tie-dye design, you’re sure to make a statement while playing in the sand. Find this swimsuit on cupshe.com along with many unique others! (p.s.- this website might cause a slight addiction.)

What’s spring break or summer without a new line of bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret Pink? Find simple but sexy selections here

Cool patterns and a vintage style is what American Eagle’s Aerie is going for this year. With soft-yet-vibrant colors, Aerie is out to make a statement. Check out their selection!

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to show off your body because you still have a few more sets of crunches left or a few more miles to run, have no fear! A cute tankini from Target is here! (Tip: Check out your local Target because there is a much larger selection in stores than online for all types of swimsuits!)

Trying to pull off a one-piece this year? Charlotte Russe has a nice selection of different, fun, and flirty styles to choose from!


With plenty styles to choose from, I hope your spring break is hot, but I hope your swimsuit is hotter! Remember to be safe and wear plenty of sun screen!

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