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5 Most Feminist Disney Princesses

It’s probably been every girl’s dream to be a Disney princess. They wear gorgeous dresses, have AMAZING hair, marry a handsome prince, and can sing and talk to animals. However, there are a few Disney princesses who are more than just gorgeous damsels in distress, with pretty hair. In fact, some popular Disney princesses represent feminism or feminist ideals, and prove that there’s more to being a princess than fancy gowns and handsome princes. They also teach young girls (and women) that it’s important to shape your own destiny and become your own hero. In no particular order, here are the five most feminist Disney princesses.

1. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the chief of a Native American tribe. Pocahontas can be described as a free spirit with a strong connection to nature and her culture. Pocahontas believes in following her own path instead of the one her father wants for her. Pocahontas teaches John Smith about the land and her tribe’s culture. Pocohontas, as the lead protaginist and hero, becomes the bridge that brings two cultures together and prevents her tribe and the English settlers from fighting. In the end, instead following her true love back to England, she decides to stay and help her people. This also makes Pocahontas the only Disney princess who doesn’t marry or end up with her love interest.

2. Tiana

If you look up the word independent in the dictionary, you’ll find Tiana’s picture. Tiana, who appears in The Princess and the Frog, is Disney’s first African-American princess (and maybe the only one who had a job). Tiana is a hard worker, who loves to cook and has dreams of owning her own resturaunt. As well as being independent, she is very resourceful and there are several moments throughout the film where she saves the prince and herself from trouble. Tiana doesn’t believe that things in life are just handed to you. She believes that to get what you want, one must persevere and work hard to turn your dreams into a reality.

3. Mulan

She saved her entire country. Enough said.

4. Merida

Merida defies all the traditional characteristics of a princess. She has no intentions of finding a prince charming or getting married, she doesn’t sing to animals, and she’s a master with a bow and arrow! She doesn’t mind getting a bit rough or dirty and wants to be in control of her own fate.

5. Moana

Disney’s newest princess is Moana. The daughter of a Polynesian chief. Moana is a young girl who loves the ocean and seeks to go beyond the confines of her island village. Moana, with the help of a demi god, sails on an epic adventure, and restores her island and saves her people. Disney’s first Polynesian princess teaches young girls the importance of inner strength and believing in yourself.

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