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5 Hidden Treasures You Should Visit Before You Graduate

Our campus is known for being beautiful, flourishing with attractions for everyone to enjoy. However, this school has more than just an arch, a stadium, and few fancy buildings. There are many hidden treasures that you may not be aware of even as a student. Believe us, you’re missing out! But don’t worry, here are a few of the secrets buried away around UGA’s campus. 

1. Lake Herrick

Lake Herrick, located behind East Campus Village, is home to a beautiful, forested trail perfect for an afternoon hike after classes. With over six miles of land to explore, you can enjoy a scenic walk through the woods right here on campus. So grab a friend and some hiking boots and get ready for an adventure. 

2. UGA Creamery

The UGA Creamery offers ice cream, fresh dairy products, and sandwiches right down on South Campus. Tucked away in the Environmental Health Sciences Building near Snelling, the creamery is the perfect place to pick up a quick sweet treat between classes and to take a break on a hot sunny day.

3. The Head Terrace

The Head Terrace is located behind MLC and is the perfect place to study, nap, or meet up with friends. Whether you need to take a study break or catch up on some reading, this grassy area is a beautiful alternative to cold study room or a cramped dorm. 

4. Snelling Basement

Okay, this one might seem a bit strange, but just go with it. Underneath this dining hall is a quiet study lounge with comfortable couches, chairs, and tables for when you really need to focus. This lounge is great for last minute reviews or midafternoon naps. And don’t forget, its open 24 hours! 

5. The Founders Garden

The Founders Garden, located right off of North Campus, is a great place to get away and relax. Made complete with a small fish pond, flowers, and green space, the garden is a beautiful place to study in peace and quiet. 

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