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5 Helpful Astrology Apps

The world of astrology and zodiac signs can be a confusing thing to introduce into your life. Understanding all of the traits of the sign, knowing what your “big 3” are, and what your daily horoscope means can be tricky when you want to know all about the zodiacs. Astrology can be a fun and helpful aspect of your life when you understand the concepts and basic information. 

The easiest and best way to ease into or know more about astrology is to have astrology apps. They are a convenient way of having information on the zodiacs at any moment, and they help you understand more in a fun way. These are the 5 best astrology apps that I would recommend to anyone interested in the world of astrology. They are in order from easiest to understand and navigate to hardest and time-consuming to navigate. 


Daily Horoscope

This app is the simplest and easiest app to navigate. It is great for beginners and touches on the more fun side of astrology. This app does not require you to sign up for anything or make an account with it. Once you open the app you will see different slides that touch the basic areas of astrology. One slide allows you to click on your sign and see your daily horoscope, and another slide allows you to configure zodiac compatibility. This app is helpful for those that just want to experience the fun parts of astrology and read a daily horoscope. 


This app is another simple one that covers the bases of astrology. It is more helpful in giving advice for the zodiac signs, and it allows you to receive notifications that give you that advice you might need for that day based on your zodiac sign. A lot of beginners invest time into this app because it primes them with basic astrology information that will help in understanding the more complex information. 

Time Nomad

This app is best for learning about astrology rather than just wanting to know your daily horoscope and zodiac traits. Time Nomad gives weekly lessons for beginners to learn more about charts, houses, planet placements, and astrological events. The weekly lessons help you train yourself with what you have learned and helps you understand what particular aspects of astrology interest you the most. The weekly topics get more advanced as you continue the levels, but it is fun and filled with heptagrams, videos, and pictures. 


This app is my personal favorite. It is personalized for each user and is designed to help you learn more about yourself and what each placement means. It creates a birth chart for you, gives a daily horoscope, connects you with astrologers if you want a horoscope/tarot reading, and provides essential information about astrology. It is super easy to navigate and even lets you learn more about the other signs and how you interact with them. The free version of this app allows all of this, but with the premium version, you have access to on-demand expert help and can view other people’s birth charts. I think this app is extremely beneficial to those involved in astrology because it provides an abundance of tools and tips, but it also fun. Its notifications can either be funny or serious, and this helps people see astrology as more calm and fun than confusing. 

Astrology Zone

This app is rated best overall by many astrologers. Susan Miller, an astrology celeb, created the app because of her website Astrology Zone. It goes in-depth with astrology and the zodiac signs, as well as provide detailed analyses of horoscopes, astrological events, and important advice for each sign. You can learn more about yourself and others with this app, and you can access horoscopes for the month, week, and day for any sign. In this app, information is more explained rather than presented, so it is helpful for those want to understand why things in astrology happen. The catch to this app is that it only offers a limited free version, and those with a premium subscription can stay up to date with astrological dates, sign placements, and birth charts. Another fun thing about the premium version is the “Learn Astrology” segment that allows you to understand zodiac elements, the planets, and zodiac traits. 

Whether you just want a daily reading or want to know more about astrology, these apps will help you get a basis of what astrology entails. Each app is designed for a different purpose based on your needs, so it might best to try downloading each one and seeing which one you might be the most comfortable using. It is always fun and helpful to understand your zodiac sign and get a daily reading for advice. 

Natalia Duron is a Journalism major with a minor in Film Studies and Communication Studies. She enjoys writing, drawing, reading, and listening to all genres of music. As a coffee lover, she loves to try new coffee recipes and visit local cafes.
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