5 Fun Animated Comedies That Are Not for Children

You might be here because you are of the opinion that cartoons cannot be outgrown.  Or perhaps you are just looking for something new to watch. Either way, here are five animated comedies made for adults.

1. SuperMansion

SuperMansion is a stop-motion animated television show about a group of superheroes who call themselves the League of Justice.  Presented as a parody of traditional comic book hero squads, the League’s near constant bumbling results in hilarity almost as soon as they appear on screen together. This show also has pretty good fight scenes.

2. Gary and His Demons

Gary and His Demons features a demon hunter named Gary who desperately wants to retire.  He is gifted with supernatural powers because he is “the chosen one,” and he cannot leave his job until the new chosen one is found.  Consequently, he spends his days protecting mankind with a pessimistic attitude. This is worth a watch for anyone who likes to see ghost stories with comedic elements.

3. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman focuses on the titular character, a talking horse and former sitcom star, and the humans and anthropomorphic animals in his life.  This show goes to dark places at times, like it does when it explores BoJack’s complicated relationship with his parents, but it manages to blend humor and depressing themes quite well.  This makes for an entertaining show, particularly for anyone who finds things like dysfunctional families and self-loathing relatable.

4. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is about a man named Rick Sanchez, a cynical scientist and genius, who travels to different planets and universes with his grandson Morty. If you can get past Rick’s frequent belching, Rick and Morty is a funny depiction of adventure where morals are tested and optimistic ideas are not safe.

5. Archer

Archer focuses on a group of dysfunctional employees at the International Secret Intelligence Service, mainly a secret agent named Sterling Archer.  Archer is enjoyable because of its humorous portrayal of espionage, the quirks of its characters and the way that it draws attention to certain government practices.      

Hopefully, this list will provide you with new binge material to enjoy when you're not in class.