5 Fresh Nail Polish Colors for Spring

Every one of us has used Essie at least once in our lives. Essie provides an easy and affordable way to still have cute nails without paying salon prices. Spring is the time of year where pastels are everywhere and flowers are blooming after a long winter.

1. Lady Like

Lady Like is a basic color that will go with a variety of outfits. It’s light enough that it can still give off spring vibes, while still matching many of the colors we all wear. This color also keeps it simple and doesn’t have the boldness of summer and winter colors.

2. Meet me at the Alter

Meet me at the Alter is a classic pink that reminds us all of blooming flowers and spring. This color furthers the soft pastel theme of spring. It'ss a soft understatement that will still go with many outfits.

3. St. Lucia Lilac

St. Lucia Lilac is a soft purple that reminds us all of Lavender fields. This shade can match with other cool tones such as blue and pink, while still keeping that pastel theme alive.

4. Saltwater Happy


Saltwater Happy is the color that reminds us all of the ocean we all are looking forward to visiting this summer. Although this color makes us excited for summer, its pale characteristics make it easily applicable in the spring as well.

5. Passport to Happiness

Everyone loves the smell and look of fresh grass after a long winter! Passport to Happiness is a soft green that reminds us all of that very thing. This color also flows along with the pastel theme of the spring months.

These nail polish colors will never fail to make you look cute for spring. The possibilities for outfits to go with these colors are endless and without fail will provide you with a fresh look this spring.

A full list of Essie's nail polish colors can be found here