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5 Fashion Staples That Will Help You Survive Georgia Weather

Halloween is over, but somehow, Georgia weather didn’t get the memo. The mornings are so cold that you don’t want to get out of bed, and the afternoons heat up so much that you sweat through your long-sleeved shirt. So, what’s a collegiette to do? Try these fashion tips to handle the weather and still look adorable!

1. Dress in layers

Photo Credits: Arden Baila

For many of us, flannel is a cozy fall staple. A major perk of a flannel shirt is being able to layer it on top of something else, because when the weather changes midday, you can easily take it off and stash it in your bag. 

2. Wear appropriate footwear.

Girls, sandal season is over. It’s time to break out the boots! On-trend styles include riding boots and combat boots, but don’t forget the rainboots too! 

3. Bring a jacket!

Whether it’s a fleece sweatshirt or a rain-repellent jacket, make sure to protect yourself from the elements.

5. And finally, always, always carry an umbrella. 

In Georgia, it’s easy to get caught in an afternoon storm that you weren’t expecting. Don’t let yourself get soaked, and just carry an umbrella. 

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